Discover next-level musical expression with Seaboard BLOCK M: A dive into the new features

ROLI's own Joe Hauke and talented producer Enoch take a look at Seaboard BLOCK M in the studio

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Are you ready to elevate your music production and performance? Seaboard BLOCK M, the latest innovation, is making waves, and we’ve got the inside scoop straight from the pros.

In our latest video, Joe Hauke, a talented musician and ROLI's own Creator Support Technical Lead, teams up with the skilled London-based producer Enoch, aka Noxz, at Noatune Studio to showcase the Seaboard BLOCK M's newest offerings.

Watch the video below to dive into what this compact powerhouse adds to their music and how it can be a game-changer for your musical setup.

MIDI Out: The heart of your musical setup

Seaboard BLOCK M isn't just another instrument; it's a central hub for all your music production needs. With its new MIDI out capability, you can now directly control other hardware instruments. This seamless integration means that the Seaboard BLOCK M can be the heart of your creative studio or live performance rig, ensuring your setup is as intuitive and responsive as possible.

Advanced customization with a firmware upgrade

Attention to detail is what separates good from great, and with Seaboard BLOCK M's latest firmware upgrade, we’ve taken detailed control to a whole new level. Musicians can now fine-tune the keywave response, enabling a more nuanced MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) control. This feature promises to deliver a tailored playing experience that adapts to your unique style and dynamics.

Note: This firmware update will be available to all Seaboard BLOCK Studio Edition owners. Make sure you check your ROLI Dashboard to see when it becomes available.

Intuitive playing with improved velocity response curve

We understand that the essence of musical expression lies in the dynamics. The improved velocity response curve on the Seaboard BLOCK M ensures a more natural and intuitive playing experience. Whether you’re gently feathering notes for an ambient soundscape or pounding out a dynamic solo, BLOCK M responds to your touch with unprecedented precision.

Rugged design for musicians on the move

For touring musicians and producers who work tirelessly in the studio, like Joe and Noxz, the Seaboard BLOCK M's refined design is a blessing. It's not only sleek but also durable, built to withstand the rigors of touring and extended studio sessions.

Go computer-free with mode-switching

Seaboard BLOCK M now offers mode-switching directly from the device. You can change between Single Channel or MPE modes without the need for a computer, once activated in the Dashboard. This feature adds another layer of convenience for the artist who thrives on spontaneity and flexibility.

Seamless preset switching

Creativity should flow without interruption, and with the Seaboard BLOCK M, it's easier than ever. You can switch between your saved Equator2 or ROLI Studio presets simply by holding the side button and pressing the octave buttons. This seamless transition ensures your creative process is as uninterrupted as your music.

The power of 5 Dimensions of Touch

To cap it off, Noxz and Joe take us through a real-time creation session. Noxz lays down a compelling beat using ROLI Studio sounds and presets while Joe illustrates the versatility and expression of the Seaboard BLOCK M through the 5 Dimensions of Touch — strike, glide, slide, press, and lift. This interactive demonstration not only shows the potential of the instrument but also the seamless collaboration between the artist and technology.

Seaboard BLOCK M is not just an evolution in musical expression — it's a revolution. Whether you're a seasoned musician or an enthusiastic novice, this instrument invites you to explore, expand, and express without limits. Dive into the full video to experience the magic of the Seaboard BLOCK M and see how it can transform your musical journey.

Discover Seaboard BLOCK M on limited-availability pre-order now.

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