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LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Lights, action, music

Light up your sound with the world’s first keyboard controller offering per-key pitchbend and polyphonic aftertouch, plus whole-key illumination that sparks new ideas for playing and composing. Available in the LUMI Keys Studio Edition Bundle.

  • Pre-order bundle includes
  • ROLI Studio software suite
  • Evolving Classics Collection
  • Dimension Art Soundpack
  • Synthetic Resistance Soundpack
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Bundle Offer

For a limited time only, order LUMI Keys Studio Edition and you'll get $164 worth of extras:

  1. 1. ROLI Studio software suite ($99)
  2. 2. Evolving Classics Collection ($20)
  3. 3. Dimension Art Soundpack ($25)
  4. 4. Synthetic Resistance Soundpack ($20)

The keys to your creativity

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An MPE keyboard like no other

  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Per-key pitchbend and polyphonic aftertouch
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Whole-key illumination
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Expandability through magnetic connectors
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    ROLI Studio software suite
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    DS5.5 sized keys
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Compact and easily transportable

Bend pitch on a "4D" keyboard

Bend pitch through vibrato-like movements on each key. Deepen sounds through continuous pressure. Transform your tracks with acoustically natural expression through Four Dimensions of Touch that make LUMI Keys the first MPE controller with a traditional keyboard form factor.

Compose in a new light

The brightest keyboard ever made, LUMI Keys introduces light-assisted composition. Illuminate scales, chords, and arpeggios in any key, through ROLI Studio. Explore an unfamiliar key, step out of your comfort zone, and find inspiration.

  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Light up Scales: see all notes in any scale
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Light up Chords: play complex chord harmonies with just the root note
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Light up Arpeggios: see all the notes in any arpeggio

Explore 100s of sounds in ROLI Studio

Crafted by ROLI sound designers, 100s of MPE and standard MIDI sounds are yours to explore in the ROLI Studio suite of plugins, where you'll also find an array of production features custom-made for an illluminated MPE keyboard.

Customize your keyboard

Customize LUMI Keys to fit your project and your style, through custom modes in ROLI Dashboard.

The keyboard looks and plays like a piano, with glowingly white keys

Pitchbend and aftertouch are activated for maximum expression, and the root note of a chosen scale is illuminated

Dazzle with a full color display, great for stage performance. Keys dim by 20% until played, then color-max when played.

Choose colors for the root key and for default notes. When you play a note, all other keys dim by 50% to highlight that note.

Why I love LUMI Keys Studio Edition: Taetro

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Why I love my LUMI Keys Studio Edition: Juan Dussán

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Why I love LUMI Keys Studio Edition: Skarekrow

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Why I love my LUMI Keys Studio Edition: Emlyn in the Mix

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LUMI Keys Studio Edition Walkthrough

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Two, three, or four LUMIs become one

Expand LUMI Keys instantly. Magnetic DNA connectors, pioneered for BLOCKS, let you snap two, three, or four keyboards together to create a 48, 72, or even 96-key playing surface.

  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Edge-to-edge design for seamless transition between multiple LUMIs
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    DNA connectors for magnetically connecting and charging multiple LUMIs
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Deep multi-LUMI integration across hardware, software, and firmware

Take BLOCKS to the next level

Modular and connectable, LUMI Keys is part of the BLOCKS family. Snap it together with Lightpad Block to create a high-powered setup. Play on LUMI Keys and control parameters on the Lightpad Block, all through their custom integration with ROLI Studio.

Play melodic parts on LUMI Keys or on a 5x5 Lightpad Block grid. Highlight any scale to guide you

Play entire chords with one note on LUMI Keys. Adjust chord parameters in real time on Lightpad Block

Watch your arpeggios light up LUMI Keys. Edit the rhythmic pattern, rate, number of hits and more on Lightpad Block

Adjust macros for every preset on Lightpad Block to find the perfect sound for any project

Create beats for your tracks with a 4x4 drum kit grid on Lightpad Block. You can even drum on LUMI Keys if you choose.

Perform on LUMI Keys and add effects with Lightpad Block in real time — including delay, filter, reverb and many more

A compact keyboard that works anywhere

LUMI Keys’ compact size make it supremely versatile, whether you put it on a crowded studio work surface or throw it in a backpack. DS5.5 keys are ⅞ the width of standard keys, making LUMI Keys bigger than a mini-keyboard but more compact than standard-sized controllers. At 677g it weighs about the same as an iPad Pro.

Light it up on stage, or on screen

Beyond its production features, LUMI Keys simply looks amazing. Add some eye-catching, head-turning, jaw-dropping color to your next stage performance. Or light up a bedroom-studio film with a keyboard viewers won’t forget.

A design that shines

Innovative design defines ROLI, from the Seaboard to BLOCKS. LUMI Keys builds on this legacy, taking technological innovation to an even higher plane.

  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Illuminated keys inspired by Fresnel lens, used in lighthouses to magnify light
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Magnetic DNA connectors for attaching multiple LUMIs and sharing electrical charge
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Chassis and keys made from the highest quality materials
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Keys 7/8 the width of standard keys for compactness and playability

Compatible with third-party synths and DAWs

Control your favorite software in a brilliant new way. Light-guided composition features compatible with all DAWs and plugins. 4D Touch features compatible with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase and Bitwig and many more.

LUMI Snapcase

Take your LUMI Keys anywhere, anytime. The LUMI Snapcase protects your keyboard when you're on the go, and snaps back to create a stand for devices.
MusicTech awards

"There’s no other controller at this price that does what LUMI does"

Organisation Name
Jan 2021

"Bright, forward-thinking and admirably ambitious"

Organisation Name
March 2021

LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Technical Diagram


  1. LUMI Keys Studio Edition
  2. ROLI Studio
  3. 3 additional ROLI Studio Soundpacks (Evolving Classics Collection (Cinematica - Elementals - Session Keys - World Colours) - Dimension Art - Synthetic Resistance)
  4. ROLI Dashboard
  1. ROLI Connect
  2. USB-C to USB-A Cable
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Two Year Full Warranty

Tech Specs

Dimensions and Weight

Width: 282mm
Height: 27mm
Depth: 141mm
Weight: 677g
Key Size: DS5.5

Connectivity / Ports

USB-C port (MIDI out and power)
Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth
4 DNA connectors


USB / DNA Input Voltage: 5.0V ± 0.2V DC
Rechargeable internal battery (2,300 mAh)


Desktop Requirements

ROLI Studio and ROLI Dashboard requires MacOS 10.13 and above, Windows 10 and above.

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