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A sound design adventure

Assume total control of your sound with Cypher2, FXpansion's ultimate synth for advanced sound design. Featuring a vast range of expressive presets alongside premium oscillators, filters, sequencers and effects, Cypher2 is a boundless environment for sonic adventures.

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  • Digital download only
  • Works as a standalone application or VST, AU and AXX plug-in (64 bit)
  • Player version included free with Seaboard RISE and BLOCKS
  • Compatibility
  • Mac OSX 10.11+
  • Windows 10

Introducing Cypher2


Designed for deeper synthesis

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    CREATE music and soundscapes with an analogue-modeled FM synthesizer
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    PLAY a diverse library of expertly-crafted presets (including 800+ standard and 500+ 5D sounds)
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    CONTROL every output with 3 dynamic oscillators
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    MODIFY your sound with the intuitive yet powerful TransMod system
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    BUILD evolving melodies with an MPE step sequencer
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    ADD more layers with customizable filters and effects
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    CONNECT to MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers or traditional MIDI controllers

Sounds from another dimension

Over 1300 presets have been crafted for Cypher2 by veteran FXpansion and ROLI sound designers. Covering a vast range of textures, from sharp-edged electronics to otherworldly versions of acoustic instruments, there's something for any production. 500+ 5D sounds are included — the world's largest MPE collection in one soft synth:


Any timbre is possible

Cypher2's 3 oscillators can be modulated in any direction, giving you unprecedented control over the tone and texture of every preset:

  • Experience a rich variety of sounds with thru-zero FM.

  • Switch between waveforms with a single control, or convert them into LFOs.

  • Vary timbre even further with intricate features, including audio-rate modulation.


Modulate everything

Cypher2's revolutionary TransMod saves you time while letting you craft sounds in incredible detail:

  • Apply modulation directly to any parameter, and keep track of complex routing easily with intuitive visual cues.

  • Create evolving melodies and rhythmic presets with an MPE-optimised step sequencer and arpeggiator.

  • Assign expressive parameters based on ROLI's 5 Dimensions Of Touch (Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift).


Find the perfect tone

Explore a raft of advanced filters, waveshaping tools and effects to hone your productions:

  • Give your sound extra depth with responsive filters, all modeled on classic analogue circuitry.

  • Add more sonic layers with a 6-slot effects rack. Choose from 30 different effects, from distortion and delay, to non-linear RingMod and PhaseMod array.


Bring Cypher2 into your workflow

Cypher2 works as a standalone desktop app, or VST, AU and AAX plug-in (64 bit) on Mac and Windows. Optimized for MPE-enabled controllers like the Seaboard, its sounds and effects work with non-MPE instruments too. So you can bring Cypher2 into any workflow.

Making a masterpiece

ROLI, FXpansion and the world's foremost experts in expressive synthesis all joined forces to build Cypher2 from the foundations of the acclaimed original. Years in the making, its development was a true labor of love.


3 expressive oscillators

With FM and audio-rate modulation, sample & hold, ring-mod, variable-depth sync and tempo-synced beat-detune features.

Intuitive TransMod system

Advanced detuning possibilities available using polyphonic or monophonic modulation sources.

Over 1300 bundled presets

Including 800+ standard and 500+ 5D (MPE) sounds.

Default MIDI CC mappings

For both standard and MPE hardware controllers.

Expanded LFOs

Including clock-divided sub-LFOs for synchronisation or free-running modulation.

MPE-compatible step sequencer

Including 3 sub-sequencers and a control matrix for further modulation.

Twin analogue-modeled filters

Both with 6 circuit models. Includes a comb filter model with 8 comb types.

6-slot effects rack with 30 effects

Including distortion, phase modulation and vintage delay emulation.

Preset morphing and randomisation

Scalable interface for 4K/retina screens

More sounds to explore

Go beyond Cypher2's 1300 bundled presets with a growing selection of expanders. Available to purchase on, each expander is loaded with inspiring sounds to elevate your productions.

Built for MIDI Polyphonic Expression

Cypher2 comes bundled with the world's largest collection of MPE presets, plus MPE tools for shaping your sound.

System Requirements

OS X 10.11+ / Windows 10

Intel Dual Core i5 2.5GHz or faster recommended.

4 GB RAM minimum / 8 GB RAM recommended.

2 GB available disk space for Cypher2 installation.

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