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Classic synth sounds reimagined

Strobe2 fuses together next-generation technology with analogue-modeling to form one timeless synth. Featuring a collection of remarkable analogue sounds and accessible controls for designing your own, Strobe2 has everything you need to create a modern classic.

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  • Digital download only
  • Works as a standalone application or VST, AU and AXX plug-in (64 bit)
  • Included free with Seaboard RISE
  • Player version included free with BLOCKS
  • Compatibility
  • Mac OSX 10.11+
  • Windows 10

Introducing Strobe2


Designed for intuitive synthesis

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    CREATE music with an analogue-modelled polysynth
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    PLAY a diverse library of experly-crafted preset (including 900+ standard and 200+ MPE sounds)
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    CONTROL every output with a multi-waveform super-oscillator
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    MODIFY your sound with the intuitive yet powerful TransMod
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    ADD more layers with a multimode filter and effects
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    BUILD sequences with a customizable arpeggiator
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    CONNECT to MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) controllers or traditional MIDI controllers

Vintage sounds from the future

Over 1100 presets have been crafted for Strobe2 by veteran FXpansion sound designers. Covering a wide range of sounds — from razor-sharp electronic tones to warm pads based on classic synths — there's something for any production. 200+ MPE sounds are included.


Synthesis made simple

Creating your own sounds with Strobe2 is fun and rewarding. The interface is deep, but accessible too:

  • Produce multi-oscillator sounds with none of the complexity using Strobe2's single super oscillator.

  • Add modulation with a bank of streamlined yet versatile tools like hard sync, stack & detune.

  • Vary your tone to an incredible degree with Strobe2's filter, featuring 22 different modes.


A super sonic oscillator

At the heart of Strobe2 is a single 'super-oscillator', packed with features to give you unprecedented sonic flexibility:

  • Control multiple waveform faders, noise generator, hard-sync and key-tracking tone tools.

  • Add depth to your sound with a sub-oscillator, featuring a waveshaping circuit. Unlink the sub-oscillator from the detuning function to build a solid foundation beneath a contrasting main oscillator sound.


Modulate everything

Strobe2's revolutionary TransMod saves you time while letting you craft sounds in incredible detail:

  • Apply modulation directly to any parameter, and keep track of complex routing easily with intuitive visual cues.

  • Build complex effects fast with voice and unison modulation, a Euclid processor, curve processors and real-time modulation animations.

  • Assign expressive parameters based on ROLI's 5 Dimensions Of Touch (Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift).


Bring Strobe2 into your workflow

Strobe2 works as a standalone desktop app, or VST, AU and AAX plug-in (64 bit) on Mac and Windows. Optimized for MPE-enabled controllers like the Seaboard, its sounds and effects work with non-MPE instruments too. So you can bring Strobe2 into any workflow.


Super oscillator

With waveform faders, a noise generator, phase-reset, key-tracking tone controls and a customizable sub oscillator.

Intuitive TransMod system

Advanced detuning possibilities available using polyphonic or monophonic modulation sources.

Over 1100 bundled presets

Including 900+ standard and 200+ 5D (MPE) sounds.

Default MIDI CC mappings

For both standard and MPE hardware controllers.

Multimode filter

Including 22 modes and gain-compensated drive

6 effects blocks

Including over 25 processors

High-powered LFO

Including a clock-divided sub-LFO

Customizable arpeggiator

With a modulation sequencer

Preset morphing and randomisation

Scalable interface for 4K/retina screens

More sounds to explore

Go beyond Strobe2's 1100 bundled presets with a growing selection of expanders. Available to purchase on, each expander is loaded with inspiring sounds to elevate your productions.

Built for MIDI Polyphonic Expression

Strobe2 is bundled with hundreds of MPE presets, plus MPE tools for shaping your sound.

System requirements

OS X 10.11+ / Windows 10

Intel Dual Core i5 2.5GHz or faster recommended.


2 GB available disk space for Strobe2 installation.

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