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Protect your ROLI instrument

Make your music anywhere with a range of premium, protective cases for BLOCKS and the Seaboard RISE.

BLOCKS Snapcases

Sleek, stylish Snapcases protect BLOCKS while you’re on the go. If you’re creating with a few Blocks together, the rigid chassis reinforces your kit so you can play on any surface. Snapcase dimensions correspond to the number of DNA connector ports on your Blocks. For example, the Snapcase 3/6 could be used to hold 1 Seaboard Block or 3 Lightpad Block with 3 Control Blocks.

Snapcase Solo

Snapcase Duo

Snapcase 3/2

Snapcase 3/8

Seaboard RISE Cases

Protect your Seaboard RISE in style with a high-quality case.

RISE 25 Flip Case

To protect your Seaboard RISE 25

Protect your keywave surface from wear and tear on the go. Each case flips back and creates a stand while you play. Choose from 5 different colors.

RISE 49 Soft Case

To protect your Seaboard RISE 49

Keep your Seaboard RISE 49 safe from the rigors of the road with a padded, custom-made case. Featuring a carrying strap and a sleek, stylish design, so you can take your music anywhere.