Partner Videos: Ableton & BLOCKS with Delicate Beats

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    Partner Videos , BLOCKS, Ableton, NOISE
  • Difficulty
  • Time Needed
    1h 0m
  • Supplies
    Songmaker Kit (or Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block), NOISE App, Ableton Live

JT from Delicate Beats attempts to build a trap loop in just 30 minutes using ROLI Blocks, NOISE and Ableton Live. This is a great example of using the soundpacks from the NOISE app to build your tracks while editing on the fly.

Lesson video

What's That Sound?

Here you can see JT from Delicate Beats use a vocal sample preset in the ROLI NOISE App. This is the Happy Clap Drum Kit from the Happy Soundpack, specially designed for the NOISE App by pop star and rapper Pharrell Williams. You can download the NOISE App to your mobile device for free, and you can download the Happy Soundpack as a part of your bundle when you purchase BLOCKS at the ROLI Store.

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