Course: Five Dimensions of Touch by Erin Barra

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    Equator, Seaboard RISE
  • Difficulty
  • Time Needed
    1h 0m
  • Supplies
    Seaboard RISE or Seaboard Block, Equator

This module showcases one of the most important and unique features of the Seaboard RISE - the Five Dimensions of Touch. By detailing how each of the Dimensions of Touch works, you will be able to begin to experiment with these within your workflow.

Erin Barra is an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music.

Five Dimensions of Touch

Tips & Tricks: Sliding on the Seaboard surface

Sometimes the tactile surface of the Seaboard surface can lead to the temptation to press further in than is necessary. Try out a few different presets and experiment with applying pressure to the Seaboard keywaves, lightly and consistently, before gently increasing pressure to explore how this affects the dynamic of the sound. You might not have to press as hard as you think!

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