How To: browse Equator sounds in GarageBand with Songmaker Kit

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    BLOCKS, Equator, GarageBand
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    Songmaker Kit (or Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block and Loop Block), GarageBand

In this tutorial film we show you how to explore the expressive sounds of Equator inside GarageBand, using a Songmaker Kit or Songmaker Kit GarageBand Edition.

Lesson video

Essentials: 5 Dimensions of Touch

ROLI’s Seaboard and Lightpad products are unique because there are 5 different gestures you can apply to them which allow you to play expressively: Strike, Press, Slide, Glide and Lift. Strike is to hit the keys - which we call “keywaves” on a Seaboard - or surface as though you were typing or hitting a keyboard; at an even speed or pressure. Press is to apply increased or sustained pressure to the surface of the instrument to increase the velocity or the swell of the sound and create tremolo. Slide is to move your fingers smoothly up and down on the keywaves or surface to increase or decrease the brightness of the sound. Glide is to apply this gesture horizontally, allowing you to create vibrato on the keywaves or pitch bend the note. Lift creates reverb by removing pressure from the instrument surface at speed, and works especially well after applying Press. Try experimenting with and experiencing these 5 Dimensions of Touch for yourself and see what you can create!

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