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Remix DJ Wai's NOISE track to win a Seaboard Block

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Share your remix, and you could win a Seaboard Block! It’s that simple for our second #NOISEMaker Challenge.

ROLI artist Heen Wah-Wai aka DJ Wai has made a cool track with a Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block, Live Block and NOISE. Remix his track, upload it to NOISE.fm, and you automatically have a chance of winning one of our brand-new super-powered keyboards worth $299. They start shipping this month.

Get inspired by watching DJ Wai create his track in our video above.

NOISE.fm is a growing platform for sharing and collaborating on projects made with NOISE and its incredible sound library. Our first #NOISEMaker Challenge was a call to show off some great remixes made with NOISE — some of the made over a cup of coffee or during a lunch break. The submissions were amazing, and a Lightpad Block was the award for one particularly impressive track.

This challenge is open for three weeks until August 3. Read below for more details. We can’t wait to hear what you make!

How to enter:

1. Download the free NOISE app, if you haven’t already.

2. Click on the download icon on DJ Wai’s Seaboard Block project and the project will automatically be added to your NOISE Project Library.

3. Remix the project in NOISE. Add your own spin on DJ Wai's project by swapping the sounds, switching up the beat or tweaking melodies. The choice is yours.

4. Share your remix to NOISE.fm before 12:00 EST on August 3rd.*

That's all there is to it.

The remixes with the most likes on NOISE.fm will enter the top 20 leaderboard, so remember to encourage your friends to 'Like' your track. DJ Wai will then choose his favorite entry from the top 20 — and the creator will win a Seaboard Block.

Keep track of the top entries and show some love to your favorites on the #NOISEMaker leadboard here.

Let’s start making some noise!

*To be in with a chance of winning a Seaboard Block, entrants must reside in the US, UK, European Union, Canada or Australia. Entrants from other regions are still eligible to enter — if one of these entrants is named the winner, the creator of the winning entry will instead be able to redeem every NOISE soundpack for free.

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