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Newest Tracktion DAW features excellent MPE integration

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Creating incredibly expressive songs is not just about playing instruments like the Seaboard Block. It’s also about editing.

They are still few in number, but more and more digital audio workstations are equipped — and even designed from the ground up — with editing tools that seamlessly integrate the expression data of next-generation instruments like the Seaboard RISE. Tracktion Waveform is one of the newest and most advanced DAWs of this calibre, and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s now free with every Lightpad Block, Seaboard Block, Seaboard RISE, and Seaboard GRAND.

Released in March 2017, Waveform ($99) is the latest DAW from Tracktion and the successor to T7. It’s brilliant at handling MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) data from ROLI instruments. Setting it apart from other MPE-compatible DAWs, it has a visualizer that helps you quickly and intuitively change expression parameters like pitch and timbre — all on one screen so it’s easy to track and tweak. For example, you can change the pitch bend for multiple notes — even within the same chord — independently of each other just by clicking on the note.

Watch our film to see how you can build a track with Waveform, a ROLI instrument, and your favorite plugins.

Waveform is a powerful DAW that has a following among pros but is also approachable for learners. Like other Tracktion DAWs it has friendly interfaces that help you visualize what you’re doing with your track in real time, rather than listing all the information in a stack of software menus. It’s packed with features that help anyone explore composition and dive into advanced editing techniques.

Features of Tracktion Waveform include:

  • Synchronized pattern generators: automatically generates chords, arpeggios, and bass lines to lay the foundations for a new track or augment the elements that you have already composed
  • Melody generators: takes the chords used in a track and suggests muted MIDI notes as possible melodies to accompany.
  • “Collective” sampler: Collective, the sampler synthesizer that comes with Waveform, provides hundreds of sounds to quickly build out your session.
  • Modular Mixer: customizable interface lets you quickly switch from editing to mixing workflows.

If you own a Lightpad Block, Seaboard Block, Seaboard RISE, or Seaboard GRAND, you can download Waveform today! Visit your MyROLI account to find your activation code. Then visit Tracktion’s activation page and enter the code.

We’re delighted to offer a high-powered, MPE-compatible DAW with every Lightpad Block and Seaboard. It expands software packages that also include programs like Equator, Equator Player, and FXpansion's Strobe2. The Waveform integration is a great reason to buy any Seaboard including the all-new Seaboard Block: “far and away the most affordable MPE controller on the market” (Reverb).

Waveform works across OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms, so you can get started today no matter what system you’re using. Share any projects you make — we can’t wait to hear them!

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