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ROLI Press Announcements

ROLI launches LUMI, the first smart platform that enables everyone to learn and play music
18 June 2019
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ROLI launches world’s first hardware controller featuring deep GarageBand integration
14 November 2018
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ROLI launches Beatmaker Kit, a fun new way to learn beat-making and produce tracks
11 October 2018
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ROLI’s software ecosystem expands with Cypher2, a cutting-edge sound design instrument from FXpansion engineers
9 August 2018

Sony Innovation Fund invests in ROLI, the rising star in music technology that is delivering a new hardware-software platform for music creation
4 June 2018
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ROLI’s revolutionary Songmaker Kit now available at retailers worldwide
28 March 2018

Pharrell Williams joins ROLI as Chief Creative Officer to accelerate the vision of new musical instruments for everyone
25 October 2017

ROLI announces major advancements to BLOCKS including next-generation Lightpad Block and NOISE 3.0
28 September 2017

Equator, ROLI’s software synthesizer for polyphonic expression, is now for sale and available to all music-makers
22 August 2017

ROLI launches Seaboard Block at $299, making expressive keyboard controllers a mainstream option for all musicians
8 June 2017

JUCE offers free licenses and additional tools for cross-platform developers with JUCE 5: Huckleberry JUCE
27 April 2017

ROLI launches versatile Dashboard application to extend power of BLOCKS
19 January 2017

ROLI launches soundpacks from Steve Aoki, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and more at CES to expand sonic universe
5 January 2017
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ROLI launches BLOCKS, an affordable LEGO-like music creation system for everyone, at Apple Stores around the world
1 November 2016
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ROLI extends leadership in music technology innovation by acquiring FXpansion, a sound and software pioneer
1 September 2016
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ROLI supports next generation of Indian musicians through partnership with KM Music Conservatory
15 June 2016

ROLI raises $27 million Series B led by Foundry Group to globally expand its Connected Music ecosystem
4 May 2016
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Seaboard RISE 49 extends the possibilities of ROLI’s internationally celebrated new MIDI controller
20 January 2016
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ROLI releases NOISE: a free app that turns the iPhone into a truly expressive musical instrument
18 December 2015
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ROLI’s Seaboard RISE wins CES Innovation Award as one of the most groundbreaking consumer electronic products of 2016
10 November 2015

Seaboard RISE goes mobile with Equator for iPhone app and versatile Flip Case
9 November 2015

ROLI launches JUCE 4: Grapefruit JUCE and introduces the ICE Engine, a real­time compilation environment for the audio in dustry and beyond
4 November 2015

ROLI announces partnership with renowned Guildhall School of Music & Drama and opens the first Seaboard Lab
28 October 2015

ROLI acquires collaboration platform Blend to complete full­stack approach to building a more connected music ecosystem
22 October 2015

ROLI unveils Seaboard RISE, the first expressive MIDI controller available to all music makers at $799
9 September 2015

ROLI unveils Equator: a groundbreaking new way to shape sound
15 April 2015

ROLI Acquires JUCE
18 November 2014

ROLI Raises $3.7m (£2.3m) Series A follow on
8 October 2014

Roland Lamb wins Swarovski Emerging Talent London Design Medal
16 September 2014

ROLI Raises $12.8m (£7.6m) Series A
22 May 2014

Seaboard GRAND wins Design of the Year award in the Product category
23 April 2014

ROLI Releases Seaboard GRAND
26 September 2013

ROLI Seaboard GRAND Wins 2013 SXSW Music Accelerator
13 March 2013

ROLI Introduces Seaboard GRAND, a Groundbreaking New Musical Instrument
5 March 2013