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Returns and Transfer Policy

Updated 28th September 2017

Hello! If you’re considering returning or transferring your ROLI Hardware or Software or need to have it repaired, this is the right place.


You can reach ROLI Support by:

  • Email: Contact the team directly here
  • Live Chat: Visit the ROLI Support form and, when available, the chat box will appear on screen

Please be ready to provide your My ROLI username and product serial number.


Here are defined terms that we will refer to throughout, so you know what we are talking about:

“FXpansion Software”: means the ROLI FXpansion stand-alone software.

“Hardware”: means all ROLI hardware Products, including all software bundled with the hardware, such as the Equator Player, which is required for its operation.

“Products” mean any ROLI products, including Software and Hardware.

“Stand-alone Software”: means ROLI software sold stand-alone for download and use with Hardware, but excluding the FXpansion Software.

“Software Add-on”: means ROLI software that may be added to Hardware (and is not originally bundled with the Hardware) in the form of an upgrade to the Hardware, but which is not stand-alone.

“Software” on its own shall collectively refer to Stand-alone Software, FXpansion Software, and Software-Add ons.

“Third-party Software” means third party software that is bundled with ROLI Products or otherwise sold separately to be used with ROLI Products.


Hardware. We want you to feel confident with your ROLI Hardware. You may return your ROLI Hardware within 30 days of purchase for any reason. You are only responsible for the cost of shipping the Hardware back to ROLI if the Hardware has been dispatched. For the avoidance of doubt, the software bundled with the Hardware, such as Equator Player shall be governed by the same returns policy for the Hardware, and cannot be returned individually. ROLI Hardware that are faulty may also come with a limited one year warranty as described in section 6 of our General Terms of Sale

Software Add-ons. You may return your Software Add-ons, such as the Equator Upgrade, within 30 days of purchase for any reason. After 30 days of purchase, you may not return Software Add-ons unless there is a fault or system incompatibility that cannot be remedied and is identified within 90 days of the purchase date.

Stand-alone Software (but not FXpansion Software)*. You may return Stand-alone Software within 14 days of the date of purchase. Once 14 days have passed from the purchase date of your Stand-alone Software, you may not return it unless there is a fault or system incompatibility that cannot be remedied and is identified within 90 days of the purchase date. *FXpansion Software is governed separately below.

FXpansion Software. You may return downloadable FXpansion Software within 14 days of the purchase date if the FXpansion Software has not yet been authorized. You may return un-opened boxed FXpansion Software within 30 days of the purchase date. Once your FXpansion Software is downloaded and authorized, you may not return it unless there is a fault or system incompatibility that cannot be remedied and is identified with 90 days of the purchase date.

Third-party Software. For Third-party Software, please see the applicable transfer and return policy provided by that third-party.

Steps for Returns and Refunds. In order to exercise your right to return, you must notify us in writing by contacting ROLI Support and filling in the requested information. All returned ROLI Products must be in their original condition. Unless the ROLI Products are faulty or defective, all shipping, handling and return freight costs (as applicable) will be payable by you. We will refund you the price, less direct return freight costs we have paid on your behalf, as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days of either: (i) receipt by us of your notice of return of Hardware not yet dispatched to you or Software not yet downloaded by you; or (ii) receipt by us of the returned Hardware, if the Hardware have been dispatched to you, and/or deactivation and deregistration of the Software. Please note that you must take reasonable care of the ROLI Products in your possession, and if ROLI Products are returned to us in a damaged state, you will be responsible for any part of that damage which occurred whilst the Products were in your care or control. You must also adhere to the ROLI Terms of Use and End-User License Agreement, which governs your use of the Software.

EU Cooling Off-Period. EU law gives EU residents a 14-day right of withdrawal that is also known as a “Cooling Off Period,” for Hardware and Software bought online, but it only applies to Software that has not yet been downloaded and when it comes to our Hardware and Software, our own refund offering is more generous. Overall, much of the ROLI return policy is more favorable than what is required under the law. In the event of a conflict between the ROLI return policy and applicable local law, local law shall govern.


Steps for Transfer. You may transfer your ROLI Products by contacting ROLI Support and paying any applicable administrative fee.

Hardware. You will not incur an administrative fee when transferring Hardware, including the software bundled in such Hardware. Software bundled in such Hardware, such as the Equator Player, cannot be transferred independently.

Stand-alone Software. When you transfer any Stand-alone ROLI Software license to another account, you will incur an administrative fee of, as applicable, $50, €40 or £30.

Software Add-ons. Transfers of Software Add-ons to Hardware, such as the Equator Upgrade, with the underlying Hardware will not be charged an administrative fee, but transfer of a Software Add-on without Hardware will be charged a $50, €40 or £30 administrative fee (as applicable). You must specify whether you desire to transfer a Software Add-on with the Hardware, otherwise ROLI will assume you do not also want to transfer the Software Add-on.

Third-party Software. For Third-party Software, please see the applicable transfer and return policy provided by that third-party.


If you feel that your ROLI Product has developed a fault, please contact ROLI Support and they will be able to help you diagnose the issue.

For requested repairs, our Support Team will help diagnose your issue and aim to provide an initial diagnosis as soon as possible. Upon contact you will recieve a confirmation indicating the current response period. If they decide a return or replacement might be needed under your Product’s applicable warranty and return policy, you will (in the case of Hardware and boxed FXpansion Software) be issued a prepaid shipping label to your registered email address to print off. You must use the prepaid shipping label provided or you will be responsible for any shipping costs to return the item. Please pack any ROLI Product carefully in the supplied protective case. Once we receive your ROLI Product, it will undergo further diagnosis by our technicians to determine whether or not the issue is covered by our warranty policy.

If the issue is deemed to fall within the scope of our warranty and return policy, we will either repair your ROLI Product or send you a replacement Product to your registered address, free of charge. Please note that ROLI Hardware must be returned for replacement within the one-year* warranty period further described in the
General Terms of Sale. Should the issue not be covered under our warranty policy, e.g., because the fault was caused by negligence or due to damage caused by 3rd party goods, we can return the ROLI Hardware to you, but this will be at your expense. Software that is faulty has a 90-day return policy as described above.

For further detailed information about ROLI’s warranty policy, please refer to the supplied booklet with your ROLI Hardware, or refer to our General Terms of Sale.

*You may have statutory rights under consumer laws and the laws of your country or state that give you greater rights than our limited one year warranty described above. See Section 6 of our General Terms of Sale for more detail.