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Get hands-on with BLOCKS at your local Apple Store

Lightpad M and Seaboard Block are available at Apple Stores worldwide

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At Apple Stores worldwide you can now experience first-hand what makes the Lego-like BLOCKS system so special. Lightpad M and Seaboard Block are now available at your local Apple Store.*

You can not only play these amazingly expressive musical devices but also learn from in-store demonstrations of BLOCKS, NOISE, and their integration with iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks.

Visit your nearest Store to get hands-on with BLOCKS — and shop for the holiday season. BLOCKS is an amazing gift because it’s totally personalizable. You can build the instrument that’s just right for you or a loved one. It’s a gift that can keep growing along with your musical creations.

Lightpad M and Seaboard Block are also available to purchase online from at Don't forget to leave a review if you're one of the first creators to own BLOCKS.

Feel the future of music at Apple today.

*BLOCKS will be available in Turkey from January 9th. ROLI instruments are currently unavailable in Apple Stores in Russia, Mexico & Brazil.