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NOISE is a free app that makes music mobile, so you can play and learn anywhere you take your connected device. Using easy-to-learn gestures, you can create beats, melodies, and songs with a huge library of sounds. Play NOISE on the touch screen of your phone or tablet, and extend its powers by pairing with ROLI BLOCKS.

    NOISE: Make music in minutes


    Free expression

    • 04 Icon SoundsSpeaker
      200+ sounds available
    • 01 Icon 5DTouch
      Shape sounds through 5D Touch
    • 09 Icon Grids
      Variety of grid layouts
    • 03 Icon Learn
      Learn mode helps you learn gestures for playing
    • 10 Icon Applei0S
      iOS compatible
    • 11 Icon Android
      Limited but expanding Android support
    • 14 Icon WirelessOverBluetooth
      Pairs wirelessly with BLOCKS or Seaboard RISE


    Unlock the musical expressiveness of a glass surface

    Every movement is musical with NOISE. Shape sound through Five Dimensions of Touch on a glass surface. You already know these touch gestures — and use on your mobile. Press into the surface. Glide side to side and slide up and down. It’s intuitive, fun — and can even be addictive.


    Strike to sound a note


    Glide your fingers from side to side to bend the pitch, like on a string instrument


    Slide up and down to modulate a sound, for example to add brightness or texture


    Press to deepen sounds, like a saxophone player does through breath


    Lift to change a sound’s resonance


    Choose your sound

    NOISE comes with a library of sounds that spans breathy flutes, guitar leads, and deep dark synths. Discover your sound, and add to your collection by purchasing additional soundpacks. Artists like Steve Aoki, Grimes, and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan have crafted original NOISE soundpacks, so you can build songs with their sounds.

    Electromagnetic Pulse by Grimes

    Enter the sonic universe of Grimes, the singer-producer who’s redefined the boundaries between independent music and pop with albums like Art Angels. Explore Grimes' crazy modulated synths and original drums. From the delicate Ocarina of Thyme to the obliterating Subhumans, this soundpack is for adventurous producers who want to add exciting new sounds to their palette.

    Available for download in the NOISE app now


    A handheld music studio

    NOISE is a collection of instruments for playing tunes, but it’s also a studio for recording loops and building songs. Pick a sound you like in Instrument View, and record a loop. Do the same with another sound. Move to Song View, and play your loops together. Switch up the sequence. Experiment. You can quickly build amazingly multi-layered tracks.


    Designed for learners

    If you love music but don’t think you can play an instrument, NOISE may change your mind. It’s a fun, interactive learning tool. In Learn Mode, trace illuminated Light Trails to learn the gestures for playing beats or melodies. Choose from 15 scales and the notes of the scale light up, so you can easily play in tune. NOISE is designed to help you start making music.


    iOS is a yes, and Android is coming

    NOISE is compatible with all recent iPhones and iPads, and it's now available in early access on an increasing number of Android devices that support Android Pro Audio. See a list of compatible devices further down this page.


    NOISE: Music's building BLOCKS

    The power of NOISE grows when you connect to BLOCKS, the modular music-making system. Pairing wirelessly, NOISE is the software engine of BLOCKS. Get started with the Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block. Their pressure-responsive surfaces introduce a whole new plane of musical expression.

    Share your music in a world of NOISE is a community for sharing music made with NOISE, discovering other music-makers, and collaborating with them on projects. Music is social, helps you be more creative by connecting with other people.

    Make melodies. Launch loops. Record your creations.


    200+ Sounds

    Comes with over 200 acoustic, synthetic, and percussion sounds, all custom-made by ROLI sound designers

    5D Touch

    Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift dimensions of touch expression

    Drop beats

    Tap the surface like you’re playing live drums. Go way beyond drum pads, and make beats more expressively with 5D Touch.

    Play melodies

    Play melodies with a variety of acoustic and synthetic sounds.

    Record loops

    Record four-bar loops of beats and melodies.

    Build songs

    Build a song by arranging and layering loops.

    Learn Mode

    Light Trails guide you to trace the gestures for making beats & melodies with many instrumental sounds.


    Choose from 15 different scales. Hide notes that are not in tune with that scale.

    Chord Mode

    Turn on Chord Mode, and play a chord every time you strike a note.

    Arp Mode

    Turn on Arp Mode, and play an arpeggio every time you strike a note.

    NOISE Soundpack Store

    Browse a huge variety of additional soundpacks from performing artists and renowned sound designers. Purchase them seamlessly in-app.

    Join a musical community

    Join, a social community for sharing music made on NOISE

    Bluetooth connection to BLOCKS

    NOISE pairs wirelessly with BLOCKS, ROLI’s modular music-making system, and becomes the sound engine for BLOCKS controllers.

    Bluetooth connection to Seaboard RISE

    NOISE pairs wirelessly with the Seaboard RISE 25 and Seaboard RISE 49, and becomes the sound engine for Seaboard RISE controllers.

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    Tech Specs

    Apple Compatibility

    iPhone 6 or higher
    iPhone SE
    iPad Mini 4 or higher
    iPad Air 2
    iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches)
    iPod Touch 6th Generation
    Visit iTunes for a complete list of devices supporting NOISE for iOS.

    Android Compatibility (early access only)

    Google Pixel.
    Samsung Galaxy S8.
    LG G5.
    Visit Google Play for a complete list of devices supporting NOISE for Android.

    Still need help?

    Visit our support section and we’ll be happy to helpArrow icon

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    NOISE is compatible over Bluetooth with a range of versatile instruments — with expressive surfaces designed for 5D Touch.

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