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ROLI Software

Where sounds become music

From advanced sound design tools for composers to free apps for building tracks on the go, ROLI’s software programs are packed with mind-bending sounds and effects that help music makers bring their creative ideas to life.

Software Instruments

Equator, Strobe2, Cypher2 and ROLI Studio are the world’s leading software instruments for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). Loaded with hundreds of multidimensionally expressive presets and modulation tools for crafting the perfect sound, each instrument works as a standalone desktop app or a plug-in for your DAW.

ROLI Studio

The Smart Production Suite

  • 2 plugins: ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums
  • 500+ sounds, including 300+ MPE sounds
  • Presets from Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2 synths
  • Expansive audio effects and macros
  • Groundbreaking production tools like Smart Chords
  • Intuitive, easily navigable interfaces
  • Works with all MIDI controllers and DAWs
  • Free with BLOCKS and Seaboard
  • Discounted upgrade paths to Equator, Cypher2 and Strobe2


The engine for expression

  • Hundreds of expressive sounds
  • Advanced modulation tools
  • Includes samples, oscillators and a range of effects
  • Optimised for MPE-compatible controllers such as BLOCKS or Seaboard RISE
  • Operates as a standalone application or a VST and AU plug-in
  • Free with Songmaker Kit and Seaboard RISE
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


A sound design adventure

  • Over 1300 sounds, including the world's largest library of MPE-compatible presets
  • Feature-rich yet intuitive analogue-modelled synthesis engine
  • High-powered TransMod modulation system to manipulate sound in almost infinite directions
  • Advanced oscillators, filters, effects racks, step sequencing and waveshaping tools
  • Compatible with MPE controllers
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


Classic synth sounds reimagined

  • Over 1000 electronic sounds from vintage to experimental
  • Cutting-edge and accessible sound design tools
  • 'Super-oscillator' with waveform faders, noise generator and hard-sync
  • Expanders with even more expressive sounds available
  • Compatible with MPE controllers
  • Free with Seaboard RISE
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

Sound Store

The ROLI Sound Store is an always-growing library of finely crafted sounds, including the world’s biggest collection of MPE presets. Curate your library, and discover sounds that spark inspiration and open up even more creative possibilities.

Free Apps

ROLI’s iOS apps cover the spectrum from mobile music maestros to music learners. NOISE is a high-powered musical sketchpad that includes hundreds of sounds plus looping and sequencing tools — so you can sketch drafts of your track, then export and refine them. ROLI PLAY is a learning app that helps you make your first track with the Lightpad Block.


Make your music mobile

  • Hundreds of sounds
  • Modulate sound with 5D Touch on the touchscreen of your mobile device
  • Drumpad-based and keyboard-based playing interface
  • Exclusive NOISE soundpacks from artists like Pharrell Williams, Grimes, and RZA
  • Looping, sequencing, mixing, and other production tools
  • Export creations to desktop DAWs
  • Pairs wirelessly with Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block
  • iOS fully supported. Limited Google Pixel support


Make your first track

  • Only works with ROLI's Lightpad Block
  • Quick, fun lessons guide your exploration of 5D Touch on the Lightpad Block
  • Play a wide range of sounds
  • Learn how to make your first track in minutes
  • Share tracks with friends
  • iOS compatible

Discover FXpansion

ROLI’s partner company FXpansion creates premium sound design tools that are central to the workflows of acclaimed composers, sound designers, and artists.


A universe of drums

  • World's biggest collection of acoustic drum sounds
  • Hyper-detailed expression indistinguishable from live drums
  • Includes rock, jazz, metal and brush kits
  • Powerful built-in environment for pattern creation and editing
  • Built-in Groove section with recorded performances from legendary drummers
  • Expanded suite of tools for mixing and exporting
  • Redesigned interface for intuitive browsing
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows

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