Seamless software-hardware integration

Included with every instrument, ROLI software is custom-designed to work seamlessly with your RISE. It is also compatible with a range of music applications.

A synth that deepens your touch of sound

Equator is ROLI’s software synthesizer and sound engine. Paired with the RISE, Equator opens up a new world of multidimensional sound control.

  • Fine-tune the Five Dimensions of Touch

    Modulate the effect of Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift movements on any sound and assign these movements to any sound parameter.

  • Powerful Synthesis

    With wavetable oscillators, frequency modulation, sample playback, and multimode filters, Equator is a powerful hybrid synthesis engine.

  • Custom-built for RISE

    Equator for RISE is a special version that comes bundled with every RISE.

Find the perfect sound

Equator for RISE includes over 100 presets crafted by ROLI’s sound design team. Spanning acoustic, electronic, and hybrid sounds, they are all designed for multidimensional polyphonic expression.


You can select presets directly from your Seaboard RISE or see the whole list in your Equator window

  1. Breath Flute
  2. Classic Acid Bass
  3. Classic Lead D
  4. Dirty Synth
  5. DX Bell
  6. Funk Voxbox Bass
  7. Guitar Overdrive
  8. Landscape
  9. Mega Club Pluck
  10. Mellow Duduk
  11. Multi Speed Texture
  12. Poseidons Lament
  13. Strings and Choir
  14. Strings and Horns
  15. Tuned Percussion
  16. Vintage Cabinet Keys
  17. Wave Glide
  18. Worlds Apart

Explore endless modulation possibilities

Equator’s range of precise tools, all arranged on an accessible interface, lets you modulate sounds as well as design your own.

Synth Panel

Includes oscillators, filters, sample playback, frequency modulation, noise generation, and other functions - all in cleanly designed modular form.

Modulation Panel

Modulate the Five Dimensions of Touch and set a wide range of modulation sources.

Customise your settings on one Dashboard

Included with every RISE, ROLI Dashboard is a convenient application that helps you modify and customise the settings that are most important to your music. Assign MIDI CCs to the three Touch Faders or the XY Touchpad, edit the Five Dimensions of Touch, and tweak other settings from one accessible Dashboard.

  • The Visualiser

    A real-time graphical representation of the keywave surface of the RISE. As you play on the keywave surface, the Visualiser responds to the Five Dimensions of Touch.

  • Expression Settings Panel

    The Expression Settings Panel is in the middle of the main ROLI Dashboard screen. You can use this panel to adjust the dynamic response of Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift.

  • MIDI Setting

    A range of MIDI settings are available on ROLI Dashboard, and you can assign MIDI CCs to three Touch Faders (Glide, Slide, and Press) and the XY Touchpad.


Record and arrange, improvise and perform

Offering new capabilities for recording, layering, and editing, the Seaboard RISE comes bundled with Bitwig 8-Track, the digital audio workstation.

Connect your RISE with your favorite software

Equator works as an AU and VST plug-in, making it compatible with popular Digital Audio Workstations and software instruments across Windows and OS X platforms. Check this list for details about compatibility.

  • Logic X
  • Cubase
  • Ableton
  • Tracktion
  • Bitwig
  • Reaper
  • Studio ONE
  • Sonar Artist
  • Digital Performer
Software Instruments
  • Kontakt
  • Omnisphere 2
  • Trilian
  • Halion
  • Halion Sonic
  • Strobe2
  • Synth Squad Fusor
  • Aalto
  • Logic's EFM1, ES2, EXS24 and Retro synth
  • Sculpture
  • SWAM