BLOCKS Studio Editions

Shape your sound through touch, craft your track in minutes, and create your personalized kit. Powerful and portable, BLOCKS Studio Editions are the most versatile MPE controllers for producers.

Introducing BLOCKS Studio Editions


Discover more musical expression than you’ve ever felt before. Bend pitch, modulate timbre, and control amplitude through Five Dimensions of Touch on soft, pressure-responsive surfaces.


Build your own kit. With BLOCKS DNA Connectors you can magnetically attach and detach Blocks to suit your needs for any project — and change your setup in the moment.


New desktop software gives you more sounds and effects to explore. Discover 100s of textured MPE sounds — from synths to searing guitar leads — all created by ROLI sound designers.


Studio Editions integrate BLOCKS more deeply with ROLI software for smoother, faster production. It’s also easy to bring BLOCKS into your workflow, because its software tools are compatible with your DAW.

Introducing ROLI Studio

New ROLI Studio software unlocks the full power of BLOCKS. It unites industry-leading sounds, effects, and production tools from three ROLI engines.

  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    2 plugins: ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    250+ sounds, including 130 MPE sounds
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Presets from Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2 synths
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Expansive audio effects and macros
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Groundbreaking production tools like Smart Chords
  • Seaboard Block wave icon 3
    Intuitive, easily navigable interfaces
MusicTech awards


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"They look great, sound great and feel great. A great asset to a creative musician's arsenal."

Electronic Musician

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"BLOCKS is a stunning achievement."

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"A fantastic balance of portability, versatility and fun for any music maker."

Choose your Blocks

Start playing with the Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block, two controllers at the heart of the BLOCKS system. Build and customize your setup as you go!

PRE-ORDER BUNDLE includes FREE Snapcase - Ships end of April 2022

LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Lights, action, music

  • Per-key pitchbend and polyphonic aftertouch
  • Whole-key illumination
  • Expandability through magnetic connectors
  • ROLI Studio software suite
  • DS5.5 sized keys
  • Compact and easily transportable

Lightpad Block Studio Edition

Super Powered Drumpad

  • Award-winning reinvention of the drumpad
  • LED illuminated, pressure responsive surface
  • Easily configurable modes for playing and producing
  • Bend and warp beats with world's first MPE drums plugin
  • Create grooves instantly through touch
  • Control effects and macros in XYZ pad mode and more

Seaboard Block Studio Edition

Super Powered Keyboard

  • Award-winning reinvention of the piano keyboard
  • Responsive playing surface made of soft silicone
  • Bend pitch, control sound with Five Dimensions of Touch
  • Explore 100s of multidimensional sounds
  • Play standalone, or add more Blocks
  • Integrates easily with other hardware and software setups

Songmaker Kit Studio Edition

The Complete Kit for Creators

  • Premium all-in-one kit for MPE music making
  • Play melodic sounds with Seaboard Block
  • Play beats and control effects with Lightpad Block
  • Produce faster with Live Block
  • Deep, custom integration with ROLI Studio software
  • Protective snapcase
  • Best value BLOCKS bundle

Add more control

Control Blocks help you produce and perform faster. They provide shortcut buttons to features you use most, so you don’t need to interrupt your flow by delving into software.

Live Block

ROLI Studio control

Loop Block

DAW control

Touch Block

Expression control

A legacy of invention

ROLI created a new studio experience with BLOCKS, building on innovative technologies like DNA Connectors and 5D Touch. Compact, powerful, and configurable for any project, BLOCKS enables producers to create tracks anywhere.

Three years after its launch, the award-winning BLOCKS system is more powerful than ever with Studio Editions.



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"Its so intuitive and versatile. BLOCKS is the most powerful mobile production tool I've ever used."
BLOCKS Studio quote

RZA, Wu-Tang Clan

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"If I ever have writer's block in the studio, I reach for BLOCKS. It brings whole new levels of expression to my music."
MIPA award

Best Innovative Product

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Musikmesse International Press Awards

Best in Show 2017

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Innovation Consumer Product of the Year 2017

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IoT Breakthrough