A studio in the palm of your hand

The NOISE interface makes it easy to build a track on BLOCKS. Your home screen is Instrument View, where you can choose a sound, play a sequence, and record it as a loop. Swipe downward to access Song View, where your loops are stored. Launch your loops simply by pressing a pad, and they way you arrange these loops will create a track. Return to Instrument View to play an instrument live, adding one more layer — and even more fun.

Over 100 sounds

The NOISE sound library includes drum sounds, acoustic-instrument sounds like violin, wind-instrument sounds like flute, and synthetic sounds like you’d hear in a video game or on the dance floor. There are over 100 sounds to play with, and you shape each one through subtle movements on the Lightpad Block’s surface.

Totally wireless

BLOCKS and NOISE connect wirelessly over Bluetooth, so you can make music anywhere that you can pair devices. MIDI over Bluetooth technology frees you from the cords that tie up other electronic instruments. Take BLOCKS to the kitchen, to the park, or on a road trip — just like you would do with an acoustic instrument.

Remix it up on NOISE.fm

Find other BLOCKS musicians, pull their work, and share your work with them on Noise.fm, a social platform that’s part of NOISE. A beat from someone in a different country can put a new spin on your track — which you can share with the person who inspired it. Music is collaborative, and NOISE lets you mix it and remix it up with a community of creative people who are sharing their sounds.