BLOCKS Dashboard is now available to all BLOCKS creators as an open beta. ROLI is proud to engage with the BLOCKS community to develop new features that will make the application even more powerful and integral to a variety of workflows.

Learn how to control studio software on BLOCKS

Watch these short videos and learn how to integrate BLOCKS with four popular music software programs.

BLOCKS works with many other leading DAWs and plug-ins including:

  • FXpansion
  • Native Instruments
  • Spectrasonics
  • Steinberg
  • SampleModeling
  • Cycling '74
    Max MSP

Flexible control on a versatile surface

The Lightpad Block, Loop Block, and Live Block become open-ended MIDI control surfaces through BLOCKS Dashboard. You can configure them through different programs and modes. Customize the LED-illuminated Lightpad Block as faders, a 4x4 drum pad, a continuous XYZ pad, and more. Use the Loop and Live Blocks as CC controllers for your favorite DAW.

Fine-tune your performance and production settings

BLOCKS Dashboard integrates music software programs, lets you control parameters within them, and also lets you fine-tune your performance and production settings. You can adjust pitch bend range, change scales, customize grid layouts and colors, select channel settings, and more — all through the settings panel.

How to download BLOCKS Dashboard beta