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OFFER: Free Strobe2 upgrade on purchases for a limited time only

Get a free upgrade to the full version of FXpansion's award-winning polysynth Strobe2 (worth $79), when you purchase BLOCKS before October 3rd!*

Strobe2 comes with hundreds of richly textured 5D presets and dynamic tools for shaping sound in multiple dimensions. Pair with BLOCK's expressive surfaces to unlock all of Strobe2's potential.

*Offer only valid on new Lightpad Block M, Seaboard Block, Beatmaker Kit, Songmaker Kit or Seaboard Bundle purchases made between 17th September — 3rd October 2018 and/or registered on MyROLI by 14th October. Not available on refurbished, pre-owned, demo, or B-stock units. Only one free download of Strobe2 will be given per purchase. Licences are redeemable through once an eligible product is registered. Offer not valid on prior orders.

Beatmaker Kit

Create your beats anywhere

​Beatmaker Kit is a high-powered music studio that fits in a backpack. Make and mix beats with two Lightpad M's. Add production and performance control with a Loop and Live Block. Sketch ideas on the go, then take them further in your studio.

  • Your purchase
  • Free shipping (US, EU & UK only)
  • Lifetime support
  • 30-day returns
  • Dispatches in 3 working days
  • Compatibility
  • Mac OSX 10.10+
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • iOS only app support
  • No Android support

Introducing the Beatmaker Kit


Compact and customizable

  • lightpad-M
    Two expressive, LED illuminated Lightpad Ms
  • At a glance icons - CB
    Live Block for performance control
  • At a glance icons - CB
    Loop Block for production control
  • 12 Icon PairWithBlocks
    Customizable modular system
  • 04 Icon SoundsSpeaker
    100s of free sounds
  • 15 Icon SoftwareLaptop
    Software bundle worth $400: Equator, Ableton Live Lite, Tracktion Waveform, Strobe2 Player
  • 19 Snapcase icon
    Protective Snapcase


A versatile way to create and play

Two Lightpad Ms form the dynamic core of the Beatmaker Kit. Play different instruments or drums on two tactile and responsive surfaces — or use one Lightpad to launch clips and loops. Unlock the full potential of portable music-making in NOISE, or connect your Beatmaker Kit to leading studio software.


Make music wherever you go

It's easy to compose and produce anywhere with your portable and wireless Beatmaker Kit. A stylish, protective Snapcase holds your Blocks together, so you play on any surface — from kitchen tables to park benches to aeroplane seats.


An extensive suite of software for any music maker

The Beatmaker Kit comes with a suite of high-powered music production programs. Whether you’re crafting your next masterpiece or just beginning to shape your sound, the perfect tools are right at your fingertips.



Start making music with NOISE, a free app that includes hundreds of sounds. It pairs wirelessly with Beatmaker Kit, so you can play anywhere you have a connected device. iOS only.


ROLI’s flagship software synthesizer and sound engine is custom-made for controlling and editing sound with Five Dimensions of Touch. Choose from hundreds of included sounds and a range of modulation functions.

Strobe2 Player

A desktop sound player version of the acclaimed polysynth from FXpansion with 50 presets and 3 macros to play with.

Ableton Live Lite

Turn the Lightpad Block into a portable controller for Ableton Live, the renowned digital audio workstation (DAW). Through a customized integration you can play instruments and create tracks within Ableton Live — on the surface of one or multiple Lightpads.

Tracktion Waveform 8

A cutting-edge Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that performs seamlessly with the Lightpad’s multidimensional expressive surface, Tracktion Waveform 8 helps you visualize and edit your projects with a range of features that are approachable to learners but also powerful for professionals.

ROLI Dashboard

Control music software programs outside the NOISE and Equator environment. Beatmaker Kit becomes a versatile controller for Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and other plug-ins and programs.


Push the limits of musical creativity with Max MSP, an open-ended environment for plug-in development. Three month free trial with Beatmaker Kit.


Explore a universe of sounds

Beatmaker Kit comes with hundreds of sounds from funky synths to string sections to drums, including two signature soundpacks from world-famous producers: RZA and WondaGurl. They’re all custom-made for 5D Touch. Expand your collection further with new cutting-edge soundpacks available to purchase every month.

Spoonful Of Grit by RZA

Create awesome hip-hop tracks built from sounds designed by RZA, the legendary artist behind Wu-Tang Clan. Play with the gritty sounds of 80s & 90s NY. Enter the 36 Chambers and experience a classic Wu-Tang soundscape.

Available for download in the NOISE app now


Break down your sound, or build it bigger

Each Block in the Beatmaker Kit snaps together wirelessly through DNA connectors, so you can mix and match as you go. Play each Lightpad M as pocket-sized, standalone instruments — or extend the possibilities by adding more Blocks.

Beatmaker Kit

Technical Diagram


  1. 2 x Lightpad M.
  2. Live Block.
  3. Loop Block.
  4. Snapcase 3/4.
  5. 10 NOISE Soundpacks.
  6. Equator.
  1. Strobe2 Player.
  2. Tracktion Waveform 8.
  3. ROLI Dashboard.
  4. Ableton Live Lite.
  5. 2 x USB-C to USB-A Cable.
  6. Quick Start Guide.
  7. One Year Full Warranty.


Desktop Requirements

Mac OSX 10.10+.
Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Intel Dual Core i5 2.5GHz+.
4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM recommended).
2 GB hard drive space.
Internet connection to register/download software.

Mobile & Tablet Requirements

iPhone 6 or newer.
iPad Air 2 or newer.
iPad Mini 4 or newer.
iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches).
iOS 9.0 or above.
Google Pixel or Pixel 2 (Limited support).

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