Beatmaker Kit Commercial Film
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BLOCKS: The modular music studio
Introducing ROLI BLOCKS ft. PARISI
BLOCKS: Shape Music
NAMM 2016: Marco Parisi and Cory Henry riff off each other in a jazzy call and response on a Seaboard GRAND.
NAMM 2016: Renowned electronic musician BT discusses the Seaboard RISE during a panel discussion with Roland Lamb, inventor of the Seaboard.
NAMM 2016: Danny Siger and Heen-Wai Wai of ROLI demonstrate the Seaboard RISE’s Five Dimensions of Touch: Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift.
NAMM 2016: Rock virtuoso Jordan Rudess performs the Hungarian Dances on a Seaboard RISE.
The world’s first Seaboard RISE ensemble performance.
NAMM 2016: Strumming a Seaboard GRAND, singer Lisa Harriton brings the soul to "Lovestruck."
NAMM 2016: Jordan Rudess demonstrates the Seaboard RISE 49 and rocks it with Marco Parisi and drummer Elijah Wood.
Seaboard RISE 25
Seaboard RISE 49

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