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Be transported by the stellar music of Star Wars on Seaboard RISE 2 and LUMI Keys

Capturing the emotion of John Williams’ music and exploring new sonic frontiers with MPE expression.

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John Williams needs no introduction. As one of the most renowned and prolific film score composers in cinematic history, his compositions have undoubtedly touched all of our lives and left an enduring legacy across generations of musicians.

With notable scores for films including Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and Schindler's List, among many others, Williams is perhaps best known for his work on the Star Wars saga, for which he composed the iconic main theme, as well as numerous other memorable pieces in the science fiction franchise.

Watch below as Gerald Peter performs Williams’ grand and anthemic compositions for the Star Wars using just a Seaboard RISE 2 and LUMI Keys Studio Edition. With their infinitely expressive features, the sounds of full orchestras come to life with the power of a single movement.

Experience the stellar music of Star Wars performed on Seaboard RISE 2 and LUMI Keys

Across his 70-year career, John Williams’ critically acclaimed work has garnered numerous accolades including Grammys, Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Emmys, and Golden Globes. Williams' compositions span a wide range of styles and genres, from epic orchestral scores to intimate, emotionally resonant pieces, and his ability to capture the essence of a film and enhance its storytelling through music is unparalleled.

Williams' music enhances the storytelling and evokes a wide range of emotions in audiences, with themes as memorable as the characters themselves.

Through the use of leitmotifs, recurrent musical themes used throughout the Star Wars saga, fans of the series came to understand the story of Star Wars not just through the narrative, but through the distinctive themes for Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Yoda. By creating encapsulating sounds for specific characters, places, and ideas, Williams painted a rich and immersive sonic landscape.

Befittingly, this dedication to his craft earned Williams numerous Grammy Awards, with the soundtrack for Episode IV: A New Hope being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

The expressive power of MPE technology in Seaboard RISE 2 and LUMI Keys, you have the ability to create those anthemic orchestral movements right at your fingertips.

With 5 Dimensions of touch, RISE 2 empowers players to perform with real human expression. RISE 2 makes it easy to capture the unique characteristics of traditional instruments on a digital instrument, breaking free of the conventional limitations of producing and performing electronic music. LUMI Keys brings an added layer of expression to the realm of MIDI controllers with its own ability to capture expressive playing and with another set of LUMI Keys to hand, its musical range of expression can expand with a simple snap.

As expertly displayed by Gerald Peter, with a deft touch and pure human emotion, these instruments allow the player to perform Williams compositions with as much emotion and realism as possible. Just as Williams’ music takes us deeper into the world of Star Wars, RISE 2 and LUMI Keys take your music to places you could never have imagined.

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