ROLI: The future of musical expression

Experience the multidimensional world of ROLI musical instruments.

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The future of musical expression

Harness the power to shape any sound imaginable with ROLI's trinity of MPE instruments.

Watch as ROLI's three instruments – Seaboard RISE 2, Seaboard BLOCK M, and LUMI Keys Studio Edition – come together to create a symphony of multidimensional harmony and witness the future of musical expression. Press, Slide, Lift, Strike or Glide your way to musical mastery with Seaboard RISE 2, or snap Seaboard BLOCK M with LUMI Keys for modular music magic. Redefine music production, control parameters with nuanced precision and capture inspiration wherever it finds you. Whichever way you want to play, ROLI makes it possible.

ROLI: The future of musical expression

Seaboard RISE 2

Amplify your musical expression with Seaboard RISE 2. Its pressure-sensitive keywaves capture every nuance of your playing. 5D Touch technology creates an immersive and intuitive experience unlike any other MIDI controller, helping you to craft any sound you can think of with unmatched realism.

Control your production straight from the hardware and tweak your sound to perfection. Play with feeling and let emotion come alive in your compositions. Whether you’re creating in the studio or performing on stage, Seaboard RISE 2 is the perfect partner for professional musicians and producers to channel their unique expression.

LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Elevate your musical compositions with LUMI Keys Studio Edition. RGB-lit keys guide the way to play for new keys players and helps to spark inspiration, making it a visually engaging tool for creating captivating melodies.

For players who are a little more experienced, you can take your music even further with LUMI Keys. MPE compatibility adds greater depth of expression as you play. Seamlessly integrate with DAWs, customize your own color palettes, and connect multiple LUMI Keys to expand your illuminated playing surface for even more creative possibilities.

Seaboard BLOCK M

Enter a world of modular innovation with the Seaboard BLOCK M. This portable MPE controller offers 24 keywaves for responsive control over pitch and modulation with MIDI connectivity, making it the ideal companion for producers seeking expressive creativity in a compact form.

Paired with extraordinary software like the incredible hybrid synthesizer Equator2, ROLI is on the frontier of enhanced musical expression. Take your music to new heights with ROLI in our New Year Sale and save up to 30% on expertly designed hardware and software.

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