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Discovering Expressive Virtuoso

Unleash your inner maestro with Marco Parisi and our most expressive soundpack ever.

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Wave hello to Expressive Virtuoso – ROLI’s new soundpack, tailor-made for pitch-perfect interaction with Seaboard RISE 2 that brings out the inner virtuoso in all who put their fingers to it.

This exclusive 40-preset soundpack is a perfect blend of resonant acoustics and eclectic electronic sounds for dynamic, hybrid expression. The soundpack takes traditional instruments such as brass, woodwind and bow but reimagines and blends them to create a wholly new sonic experience. A feast for the ears and wellspring of inspiration, Expressive Virtuoso is a musical playground with an incredible scope for infinite creative possibilities.

Watch as Marco Parisi – one half of the revered electronic music duo PARISI – takes us through his favorite sounds and lets intuitive creativity and playful curiosity shine through as he plays.

Discover Expressive Virtuoso with Marco Parisi and Seaboard RISE 2

Those familiar with Marco Parisi will know that he’s no stranger to the ways of a Seaboard. With a deft skill, Marco showcases Expressive Virtuoso and its limitless ability to inspire.

"I totally love these hybrid spaces because there are no rules. You would never do this sort of thing with a flute, of course, but that’s why it’s so special, and then it becomes something totally different," says Marco.

While it was designed for optimal responsiveness with Seaboard RISE 2, Expressive Virtuoso works well with any and all MPE-capable instruments. This versatility ensures that musicians of all kinds have the opportunity to unlock their true musical potential, making Expressive Virtuoso an essential tool for anyone passionate about musical creativity and electronic music production.

Discover Expressive Virtuoso

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