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Feature Packed Super Oscillator

Strobe2's single 'super-oscillator' features multiple waveform faders, noise generator and hard-sync. Adding to its sonic flexibility are phase-reset, key-tracking tone controls and an enhanced sub osc with a wider range and waveshaping circuit. The sub can now also be unlinked from the unique stacking and detuning function for a solid foundation beneath a wildly detuned or chord-like main oscillator sound.

Familiar foundations

Built around the classic SH-101 oscillator, Strobe2's oscillator offers both classic and modern controls, allowing for a huge range of tones, timbres and textures.

Sync, Stack and more

Along with classic oscillator features, Strobe2 lets you modify and modulate your waveforms even further with Sync, Stack and Detune parameters to get really wild.

Sub Oscillations

Link or decouple the Sub Oscillator, the area of Strobe2 that brings the bass. Octave, tone and shape parameters let you define the fundamentals.