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Classic Super Oscillator Synthesizer


Vintage sounds from the future

Strobe2 is a timeless synth that fuses cutting edge technology with classic analog modeling. With a stunning collection of analog sounds and accessible controls for designing your own, Strobe2 has everything you need to create a a modern classic.

Strobe2 Tutorial: An Overview

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Feature-packed Super Oscillator

Strobe2 is built around a single, super-powered Super Oscillator whose array of features that gives you unprecedented sonic flexibility.

Filters for shaping and refining

A great range of analog-modeled filters gives you complete control over the timbre and texture of your signal path.

Unique effects

Finetune your sound or warp it out of recognition with an arsenal of effects that helps you put your personal stamp on sonic classics.

Modulate everything

Modulate any parameter intuitively, and add expression and movement to your sounds, with FXpansion's TransMod system.

Strobe2 Presets

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Super oscillator

With waveform faders, a noise generator, phase-reset, hard sync, key-tracking tone controls and a customizable sub oscillator.

Over 1100 bundled presets

An inspiring library of 1100 expertly crafted presets, 200 built for MPE and 900 build for Standard controllers.

Multimode filter

Including 22 modes and gain-compensated drive.

High-powered LFO

Including a clock-divided sub-LFO.

Intuitive TransMod system

Advanced detuning possibilities available using polyphonic or monophonic modulation sources.

Default MIDI CC mappings

For both standard and MPE hardware controllers.

MPE-compatible step sequencer

Including 3 sub-sequencers and a control matrix for further modulation.

6-slot effects rack

Including over 25 effects processors; everything you need to add sheen, sparkle and intrigue.

Preset morphing and randomisation

Morph seamlessly between 8 Quick Presets, and add an element of the unexpected to your sounds.

Scalable interface for 4K/retina screens

Adjust magnification of the Strobe2 GUI to suit your setup.

System Requirements

v2.3.6.3 - Windows 7/OSX 10.9 and above
v2.5.1.2 - Windows 10/OSX 10.11 and above
Native M1 Mac support for Standalone and Plugin versions
Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz CPU
i5-2400 (2011) or newer CPU with AVX instruction set (recommended)
Internet connection for download and authorization


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