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Achieve new rhythmic sequences

The Arpeggiator in ROLI Studio Player is uniquely multi-layered, letting you create complex patterns and sequences that enliven the chords and rhythm in your tracks.

A three-layered Arpeggiator

Control all parts of each of three layers, so you can shape your ideal arpeggio. Keep it simple with one layer, or improvise with all three to achieve more complexity and surprise inspiration.

The perfect presets

Choose from a selection of presets that are tailor-made to augment your rhythm.

Adjust and control

Fine-tune your rhythm by adjusting anything from the rate and octave of the patterns on each layer to the number of hits and their position in the sequence.

Add another layer with Smart Chords

With Smart Chords also enabled, you simply play a single note to discover a flourishing sequence of notes based on the Smart Chord settings.