Endless sonic possibilities

Equator2’s six independent Source Modules host any one of four synthesis engines for endless sonic combinations. A massive collection of wavetables, multisamples and granular sources feeds the Engines, and every Source Module incorporates its own multimode filter as well as dedicated sends to two further global filters for comprehensive tonal shaping.

Richly detailed samples

An integrated library of multisampled instruments ranges from vintage synths to the sitar, orchestral strings, and other acoustic instruments. It's accessible through the Sampler Engine, where you can also easily drag and drop your own samples.

Granular engine

The Granular Engine slices samples into ‘grains' and helps you tweak their sequential playback, so you can create intriguing soundscapes and textures. Adjust scanning and grain generation rates, grain size and envelope shape, and more. Throw randomization into the mix for a touch – or a fistful – of glitch.

Wavetable oscillator

The Wavetable Oscillator Engine is an inexhaustible source of classic analog waveforms, "designed" single-cycle waves and complex wavetables. Dial in depth, edge, and character within the oscillator itself five unison voices, phase distortion, dual-source FM and ring modulation.

Noise engine

A dedicated Noise Engine helps you play with noise, that essential component in percussion, pad, lead and other sounds. Choose from Pink, White and Crackle noise profiles, and customize the output with stereo Width and Density controls.

Filters and saturation

Equator2 turns the frequency domain into your sound design playground with a dedicated multimode filter built into its six Source Modules, plus two global multimode filters switchable between four routing schemes and up to 12 more filters in the Effects section. Filter modules offers two flavours of distortion: the gentle Saturation mode and the more overtly destructive Wavefolder mode.

Global routing

The Routing section in Equator2 allows for extensive and creative signal routing possibilities. Two multi-mode filters per voice with configurable routing allow you to send independent signal amounts through to effects, filters and ring mod to add depth, separation and complexity to your sounds.

Equator2 Tutorial: Wavetable Source

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Equator2 Tutorial: Granular Source

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