Sample library

Explore a 6GB+ library of richly detailed samples of over 40 acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. From vintage synths, organs and pianos to orchestral strings and world instruments like the Koto, every sample makes for a powerful layering tool within Equator2’s broader multi-source architecture, as well as a wholly viable instrument in its own right.

Iconic synths

Play with legendary and rare analog synthesizers like the Oberheim OBXa, Roland VP-330, System-100, MKS-70, SH-2 and Juno-6, ARP Solina String Ensemble, and Sequential Circuits Pro One. Multiple presets are captured from each synth, so you can explore fat basses, punchy leads, retro strings, unison stacks and more.

Baby Grand

Equator2’s sample library is stocked with keyboards, but the jewel in the crown is the Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano. Sampled at London’s Pool Recording Studio with world-class microphones, this 5’ 6” piano sounds stunning in its default configuration. It also comes in Lo-Fi, Rock and Deep Room versions.

World instruments

Equator2 takes you travelling with its groundbreaking collection of world instruments, sampled by recording musicians from Japan to India. Explore the Appalachian dulcimer, Japanese koto, Indian santoor, and Chinese yangquin, among other wind, percussion, and acoustic instruments.

Electric and acoustic instruments

The eclectic collection extends to European and North American instruments like upright and electric pianos, Wurlitzer and Hammond organs, acoustic guitars, electric and double basses.

Classical instruments

A suite of multisampled classical instruments includes the harp, clarinet, bassoon, flute, oboe, tuba, trombone and trumpet, plus a variety of solo and ensemble strings in sustain, pizzicato and spizzicato articulations.

Granular samples

To get the most out of our bespoke granular engine, we've curated a set of 7 granular instruments, featuring over 250 quirky, mysterious and abstract samples that are perfect for creating huge washes of texture or crunchy, unpredictable mayhem.

Import your own samples

Import your own samples easily to the Sampler and Granular Engines by dragging and dropping. There’s literally no end to the sound combinations you can dream up and explore.

Equator2 Tutorial: Sampler

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Expand your Sound

Add to the already stellar sounds of Equator2 with a variety of curated expantion packs. Relive the legend with Mighty M5, a homage to the MacBeth M5 analogue synthesizer. Look into the neon future with Stargaze Synthwave and add a retro-futurist twist to any track. Roll out the red carpet with Cinematic Expanse and create oscar-worthy tracks. Level up with Chiptune Bubblegum featuring 8-bit blasters and sugary-sweet synths galore — sprinkle them into your tracks to hit a new high score.