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Limitless hybrid synthesizer

  • Available as a digital
    download only

  • Connect to MPE or traditional MIDI controllers

  • Standalone application or VST3 and AU compatible

  • Over 1400 presets -
    500+ MPE compatible

  • Free returns within 30 days

Discover world-class presets

The Equator2 library features a vast collection of 1400+ acoustic, electronic and hybrid presets. From meticulously sampled synths and orchestral instruments to generated pads and textures, there are MPE and standard MIDI sounds to suit any style:

Equator2: An Overview

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Marco Parisi’s Top 10 Equator2 Sounds

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Hear the mind-bending sounds of Equator2

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Equator2 Tutorial: Playlists

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"Equator2 goes toe-to-toe with any ‘super synth’ on the market"

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"The best-sounding presets on the market"

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Attack Magazine

"Equator2 is a brilliant instrument"

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Create any sound

Six fully flexible source slots let you build unique sounds, drawing on a wide range of synthesis engines. A wavetable oscillator with a library of bespoke waveforms combined with a high-resolution multi-sampler, a granular engine, FM and more to provide an infinite palette of sounds and textures.

Twist and shape iconic sounds

Equator2 has 42 richly detailed, multi-sampled instruments with 220 articulations and variations. From vintage synthesizers like the Roland System-100 to world acoustic instruments like the Sitar, the samples are highly adaptable, opening new sources of inspiration. Plus, it's easy to import your own samples.

Add expression and movement

Equator2’s versatile modulation system — evolved from ROLI's Cypher2, Strobe2, and Equator engines — makes it easy to add modulation to any parameters. A flexible assembly of envelopes, LFOs, key-tracking sources, and macros animate patches and help you create deeply expressive sounds.

Shape, polish and refine

Equator2 gives you the power to shape sounds with a expansive rack of effects, filters and dynamics processors. It’s easy to arrange and reorder effects with a flexible routing system and drag-and-drop slots.

Explore mind-bending sounds

Equator2 ships with the biggest, broadest library of MPE sounds in existence. With over 1,400 expertly crafted presets — including over 570 new sounds built for MPE and 890 standard MIDI presets for conventional controllers — Equator2 offers a kaleidoscope of sounds for any music maker.

Made for Seaboard

Designed to harness the unparalleled expressiveness of MPE, Seaboard RISE 2 is the perfect controller for Equator2. Maximize control of Equator2's sounds and samples on the touch-responsive surface of the RISE 2 or older Seaboard models.

Equator2 Tutorial: Math

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Equator2 Tutorial: Modulation

Equator2 Tutorial: Modulation

Equator2 Tutorial: Routing

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Equator2 Tutorial: Sampler

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Equator2 Tutorial: Granular Source

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Equator2 Tutorial: Wavetable Source

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Equator2 Tutorial: Effects

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Equator2 Tutorial: Multi-Mod

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Equator2 Tutorial: Playlists

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Over 1400 new presets

Includes 579 MPE presets, 896 built for conventional controllers, and 360 presets from the original Equator library


244 new wavetables, 5 VA waveforms, 44 Digital Equator1 waveforms, 42 new multisample instruments with 220 variations and articulations, as well as easy drag and drop of your own samples

6 flexible sources

Choose from up to 6 instances of 4 source types: Wavetable, Granular, Multi-sampler, Noise

Extensive modulation

5 Expression Curves, 5 LFOs, 2 Multi-Mod, 5 Envelopes, 4 Math and 4 Random modules, and an intuitive click & drag modulation system

Creative effects

12 fully flexible slots, with 15 premium Effects


Multiple signal routing possibilities through filters and effects

System Requirements

System: macOS 11/12 / Windows 10 (x64) or higher
Processing Chip: Intel Core / AMD Ryzen / Apple M1
RAM: Minimum 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM is recommended
System or external audio device

Total free disk space required for download & installation of all content: 13GB
Total Equator2 content data (after installation): 6.7GB
Compatible as a standalone, AU and VST3 plug-in
An internet connection to register, download content and authorize


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