Modulate everything

Modulation is critical to any great synth sound. Equator2 is packed with flexible source signal generators for automating any and all synthesis, filtering, effects and mixing parameters.


Five envelopes feature four operational modes — ADSR, ADR, ADADR and ADS-PR — plus shapable Attack, Decay and Release curves. Simultaneous graphical and dial-based interfaces let you hop effortlessly between intuitive editing and precision control.


Five LFOs output a wide range of analog waveforms — including Random and S+H — at up to 40Hz with switchable polarity, host sync, adjustable fade-in and a choice of retriggering or free-running behavior.


A cross between an LFO, a multi-stage envelope and a step sequencer, Equator2’s two Multi-Mod sources let you create custom modulation signals. Draw as many nodes or steps into the graph as you need, curve the lines between them, and set loop points or trigger your modulation in one-shot mode.


Draw up to four independent keyboard-spanning mapping curves for separate modulation of multiple target parameters. Specify how those curves affect other mod sources with Add, Scale and Limit modes.

MPE performance

Equator2 is built for MIDI Polyphonic Expression control. Tweak four editable mapping curves each for the Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift dimensions of touch when playing on a ROLI Seaboard or other MPE controller. The same modulation curves switch seamlessly to Velocity, Pitch, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch and Note Off data streams for standard MIDI controllers. Five Macros provide further hands-on control.

Go deep

Almost every parameter in Equator2 is available as a modulation target, from synth engine and filter controls to effects, signal routing levels and the modulation sources themselves.

Transfer function curves

Every modulation assignment has a dedicated Transfer Function curve editor for graphically defining the mapping between source output and target input.

Mod Matrix

The Mod Matrix lists all your modulation pairings in one place, providing a useful overview and Transfer Function curve editing.

Math modules and random

Combine pairs of modulation sources using mathematical functions and generate per-note random modulation signals with the Math Modifier and polyphonic Random modules.

Equator2 Tutorial: Modulation

Equator2 Tutorial: Modulation

Equator2 Tutorial: Multi-Mod

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Equator2 Tutorial: Math

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