Creative effects

Refine, polish, and transform your sounds using any combination of 15 signal processing modules in Equator2’s 12-slot Effects Rack.


Level out uneven signals with Compressor, and add punch and space with Noise Gate.

Distortions and filters

Two Distortion effects serve up a huge variety of saturation and decimation, while the Filter module replicates the functionality of the Source and Global Filters.


Dial in rich ensemble and psychedelic modulation effects with Chorus, Flanger and Phaser.


Serve stereo echoes, vintage tape and BBD emulation, or glitchy granular mayhem with a trio of Delay effects.


Keep reverberation quick and easy with Lite Verb, or take full control with Big Verb.

Flexible routing

Tailor the signal flow with four Effects Rack routing schemes, and FX Send controls on every Source Module, the Global Filters and the Main Out.

Equator2 Tutorial: Routing

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Equator2 Tutorial: Effects

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