Infinite Cross-Mod Synthesizer


Sounds from another dimension

Enter a world of sound design adventures with Cypher2, the infinite Cross-Mod synth from the creators of Equator2. Featuring a vast range of presets plus premium oscillators, filters, sequencers and effects, Cypher2 takes sound design to another dimension.

Cypher2: Overview Tutorial

A transformational synth, reborn

Building on the powerhouse capabilities of the original, Cypher2 adds an inspiring array of new features and propels the synth to the cutting edge of sound design.

Vast timbral variety

Create the bones of your sound by twisting and modulating three oscillators in any direction. Play with a vast range of timbres.

Deep tone sculpting

Sculpt tone and resonance with dual multi-mode filters, each with six modeled filter circuits.

Impressive effects

Explore a wealth of effects from delays and distortion to chorus and reverb, for everything from fine-tuning to all-out sonic destruction.

Introducing TransMod

With FXpansion's Transmod system, intuitively link any parameter destination to a huge range of sources, and bring more expressive movement to your sounds.

Cypher2: Presets

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3 expressive oscillators

With FM and audio-rate modulation, sample & hold, ring-mod, variable-depth sync and tempo-synced beat-detune features.

1300 presets

A diverse library of 1300 expertly crafted presets, 500 built for MPE and 800 build for Standard controllers.

Expanded LFOs

Including clock-divided sub-LFOs for synchronisation or free-running modulation.

Twin analogue-modeled filters

Both with 6 circuit models. Includes a comb filter model with 8 comb types.

Intuitive TransMod system

Advanced detuning possibilities available using polyphonic or monophonic modulation sources.

Default MIDI CC mappings

For both standard and MPE hardware controllers.

MPE-compatible step sequencer

Including 3 sub-sequencers and a control matrix for further modulation.

6-slot effects rack with 30 effects

Including distortion, phase modulation and vintage delay emulation.

Preset morphing and randomisation

Select up to 8 presets to seamlessly morph between, and add a randomisation amount for unpredictable parameter modifications .

Scalable interface for 4K/retina screens

Designed to scale and display clearly on any monitor.

System Requirements

Windows 10 (x64) / Mac OSX 10.13 or later (x64)
Native M1 Mac support for Standalone and Plugin versions
Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD (2011 or newer) processor with AVX instruction set (Intel Core i7 recommended)
4GB RAM (8GB RAM recommended)
Internet connection for product download and authorization


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