A beautifully new design

Bringing digital, sensor, and materials technologies together in a new interface, the Seaboard RISE is designed to be a beautiful evolution of the keyboard.

An interface you can grasp

The Seaboard RISE is based on the piano keyboard. But in place of black and white keys are keywaves made of smooth, pliable silicone. A simplified control panel helps you fine-tune your sounds.

  • The Control Panel

    Touch Faders and an XY Touchpad add another layer of expressive control.

  • The Keywave Surface

    The keywaves and two ribbons let you shape sound polyphonically.

Slim, strong, and ready to move

It’s as thin as a magazine and as strong as an X-stand. So you can take it anywhere you make music.


As wireless as you want

Free yourself from wires and cables. The Seaboard RISE is battery-powered and works wirelessly using MIDI over Bluetooth. Just pair it with Equator or NOISE on a connected device.

Battery Powered

Battery life of up to 8 hours.

MIDI over Bluetooth

Receives MIDI signals over Bluetooth when paired to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Professional-standard low latency

Virtually no loss in latency on Bluetooth versus USB connection.

As connected as you want

Ports connect you to other hardware instruments as well as software programs on your computer and apps on your phone or tablet.

USB ports

Control Equator and other MIDI-compliant software or hardware synthesizers.

Pedal jack

Connect any sustain pedal using a quarter-inch jack.

Ingeniously crafted

A multidisciplinary team of materials scientists, electrical engineers, software engineers, and industrial designers created the Seaboard RISE at ROLI’s offices in East London. The instrument achieves the highest standards of creative craftsmanship and precision engineering.

  • Anodized aluminium chassis

    The exterior is made of high-quality extruded black anodized aluminum, which is strong but light.

  • Silicone keywave surface

    The smooth material of the keywave surface is custom-engineered to give your fingers a firm grip while also letting them slide easily.

  • Sensor board

    A highly sensitive sensor board rests beneath the silicone keywave surface, ensuring that even the most minute gestures are expressed as sound.

  • Reinforced base

    The wave-like pattern on the underside of the chassis conceals interior aluminum ribbing, which reinforces the chassis for added strength.