BLOCKS Dashboard is now available as an open beta release to all BLOCKS creators! This free, bundled application integrates the Lightpad Block, Live Block, and Loop Block with leading digital audio workstations (DAWs) and plug-ins. Through BLOCKS Dashboard you can control Logic Pro, Ableton Live, and other software programs in a new, intuitive, faster way.

BLOCKS creators can download it today and start exploring a hugely exciting new side of the modular music creation system.

This is a beta version, so not all features are complete. In coming months we’ll provide more functions and more granular control of software programs. We welcome your feedback on features that would improve BLOCKS Dashboard. This is just the beginning of a journey to make BLOCKS the most versatile, accessible control system for any music software tool, and your thoughts will help guide us there.

The videos below show how you can customize BLOCKS for your workflow when using four of the most popular DAWs: Logic Pro, GarageBand, Ableton Live, and Bitwig Studio. 

As you can see from our videos, the Lightpad Block, Live Block and Loop Block become open-ended MIDI control surfaces through BLOCKS Dashboard. You can configure different display modes on the surface to control instruments and parameters within your favorite programs. The LED-illuminated Lightpad Block, for example, can become a bank of faders controlling a program’s effects — or a 2×2 or 4×4 drum pad controlling drums in your chosen synth. Check out our new page on to learn more about controlling software through BLOCKS Dashboard.

Soon we’ll add capabilities for creating your own modes and controlling existing modes in more granular ways. BLOCKS Dashboard will continue to evolve, but today it is a powerful application that immediately makes BLOCKS an even more customizable control system for music-makers of all backgrounds. 

Download BLOCKS Dashboard beta today. We look forward to hearing your thoughts — and we look forward to hearing the music you create.