A musical journey around the world takes less than a minute in “I am BLOCKS”, our colorful new film inspired by real-life BLOCKS creators and their setups. A train, a jazz club, a cafe, and a beach are a few of the places where people are actually making music on BLOCKS since it launched in November 2016. We’re avid followers of their postcards on Instagram and Facebook — like these five!

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A few Instagram photos from BLOCKS Creators: @mariusdevries (top left), @maggiehou (top right), @theopsofficial (centre left), @headwayeastlondon (bottom left), @kellyrosemusic (bottom right).

“This is a documentary-inspired project, and it started with Instagram,” said filmmaker Lily Skove. “We were inspired seeing the variety of environments where people are creating music with BLOCKS. It was a lot of fun recreating all of these different worlds and imagining the music that people would make in them.”

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Bringing the round-the-world trip to life required an eclectic ensemble of actors, scenes, and musical styles. All of them came together on a set in East London. The pinkish hue of a Havana sunset was recreated on an overcast February afternoon, and a Cuban jazz number from composer Marco Parisi dispatched the winter blues.

Many of the actors are real-life musicians. Six-year-old Lula, who opens the film by playing dance grooves in her bedroom, is studying violin at the Suzuki Hub in Hackney, London. Dave Eaton, who plays a Japanese melody in a tea house, is a guitarist who works in a band with this son, the singer-songwriter Sam Lewis. Some of the musical hands in the film belong to ROLI team members who helped create BLOCKS — and are gigging musicians in their spare time.

We were inspired seeing the variety of environments where people are creating music with BLOCKS.

Dubstep beats and eastern strings, an underground dance club or an airplane seat: BLOCKS is for all kinds of sounds, all kinds of scenes, and all kinds of people. “I am BLOCKS” shows an identity that’s all about diversity, and that identity is real. It becomes more vivid every day as we see social posts from the fast-growing community of BLOCKS creators all over the world. We’d love to see more examples of the sounds and settings of music made with #ROLIBLOCKS. Please share!

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