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Yaahn Hunter: Elevating music creation with LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Discover Yaahn Hunter's musical journey and his transformative experiences with LUMI Keys Studio Edition. Explore his inspirations, favorite features, and notable tracks, and gain valuable production tips from this talented artist.

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With hundreds of thousands of followers, Yaahn Hunter’s unique brand of chill beats, clever production, iconic "That’s Hunter!" sting, and vibrant videos have attracted passionate fans. Having launched a new series of beats made with MPE, we catch up with Hunter to hear his journey and experiences with music-making, including his recent exploration of the LUMI Keys Studio Edition. With its revolutionary features and expressive capabilities, Hunter found himself in a world of boundless musical potential. Discover Yaahn's insights on music production and immerse yourself in his remarkable creations that showcase the transformative capabilities of the LUMI Keys.

A glimpse into Yaahn Hunter's musical Journey

Yaahn Hunter, a versatile artist hailing from Fairfield, CA, has always been captivated by the power of music. His passion ignited at an early age when his father introduced him to recording in a studio, leaving an indelible mark on his artistic path. From that moment on, Yaahn was hooked, and his lifelong pursuit of music creation began.

Evolving Musical Horizons and the Impact of Hardware

As Yaahn delved deeper into music production, he recalls his first completed track crafted on an Ensoniq SQ-1 with a Dr. Rhythm 880 Drum Machine. Reflecting on that early piece, Yaahn humorously describes it as "horrible." However, this experience played a pivotal role in his development as an artist. Over time, he honed his skills, nurturing a keen ear for captivating chord progressions and sound selection that mesmerizes his listeners.

The turning point arrived when Yaahn acquired the MPC Renaissance in 2013, a transformative moment that revolutionized his music production. This hardware enabled him to explore the realm of trap beats, providing a newfound avenue for artistic expression and growth.

The Enchanting Encounter with LUMI Keys Studio Edition

When Yaahn first laid his hands on ROLI products, specifically the LUMI Keys, he was left speechless. Witnessing the illuminated keys, experiencing the aftertouch, and delving into the realm of MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression), Yaahn was instantly captivated: "The MPE features allow me to express myself like no other keyboard and the illuminating keys take my videos to the next level!"

Unleashing creative potential

The MPE features of the LUMI Keys allowed Yaahn to express himself like never before, which he compares to the way a guitar or horn player can bend notes effortlessly. This dynamic element enabled him to transcend the limitations of traditional keyboards, breathing life into his compositions.

ROLI Studio and finding new soundscapes

Yaahn's exploration of ROLI Studio proved to be a delightful surprise. He found himself thoroughly engaged with the software, enjoying its intuitive interface and diverse sounds. Among the vast array of sounds and presets, Yaahn particularly fell in love with "Pure Juno Bass" a timbre that added depth and richness to his creations.

Unveiling the magic behind Hunter beats

Judging from the amount of fire emojis, Yaahn's latest tracks have delighted his audience with the LUMI Keys featuring videos for "Gumbo Coast," "Chill Out Vibes," and "West Coast Chill." Drawing inspiration from classic R&B and hip-hop gems like Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do for Love" and A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation," Yaahn infused his unique style and flair into these compositions. Starting with a Rhodes patch and drums, he quickly progressed to crafting distinctive bass lines that epitomize the soothing and immersive "chill vibes" he strives to create.

Hunter's 3 top tips —

Yaahn generously shares three invaluable production tips with the ROLI community:

1. Study the legends who came before you! You’ll learn what has worked through the years.

2. Find ways to work smarter and not harder. Customize your own shortcuts and make templates to speed up your workflow.

3. Experiment with feel by nudging things behind the beat or push ahead of the beat. This will give you a really good “pocket”.

Yaahn Hunter's artistic expedition has been one characterized by relentless dedication, and an unwavering passion for music creation. We eagerly await his future endeavors with the LUMI Keys and the remarkable music that awaits us next.

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Discover LUMI Keys Studio Edition.

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