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Seaboard Stories: How one MIDI Controller changed my life

Hear the stories of artists whose music was transformed by the Seaboard and MPE

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When was the last time a new instrument changed your life?

We asked songwriters, performers, producers and sound designers at the very top of their game to share how the Seaboard and MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) changed the music they make forever. From on-stage performances in front of thousands of fans, to sound design for blockbuster movies and top-title video games, one touch-responsive MIDI controller has had an astonishing impact.

Take the story of Keyboard Sathya, whose hypnotic solos would not be possible without the Seaboard's ability to accurately imitate microtonal Indian instruments. Or Bill Laurence, whose percussive and pitch-bending performances are elevated by the 5 Dimensions of Touch available on the Keywave surface. For some artists, including Marco Parisi and Neon Vines, Seaboard solos were an essential early stepping stone that raised awareness of their spectacular musicianship.

The Seaboard has transformed the world of production and sound design too. The trailers to Hollywood's biggest blockbusters — The Avengers, Top Gun: Maverick, Captain Marvel, The King's Man and The Sonic Movie to name just a few — would fail to pack a punch without the atmospheric sonic textures Robert Dudzic produces with the Seaboard. You may have even heard the Seaboard when playing your favorite video game; from the Pedro Camacho's soundtracks for titles like World Of Warcraft and Wolfenstein, to the sci-fi explosions in Cyberpunk 2077, crafted by Richard Devine from warped, recorded samples.

Tune in to the film to hear these stories and even more — and discover how the Seaboard RISE 2 can change how you make music forever.

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