Seaboard RISE 2: tips & tricks for the ultimate 5D MIDI controller

ROLI’s own Head of Film and Music Production gives you the insider tips for your Seaboard

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Where should you start conducting when you have a whole orchestra at your fingertips? The Seaboard RISE 2 gives you endless possibilities — whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out producing. Throw out the MIDI controller rule book and watch the latest video to get our top insider tips and tricks on how to make the most of your Seaboard.

ROLI’s own Head of Film and Music Production, Heen-Wah Wai has performed around the globe from Los Angeles’ NAMM Show to London’s Abbey Road Studio. Renowned for his expressive playing in true Seaboard style, Heen-Wah gives a detailed look at how make the most of the RISE 2 out of the box — from how to manipulate the intuitive surface, discovering new sounds from the powerful synth and sound library Equator2, to making the best of MPE.

Watch the video above and learn how to:

- Use 5D touch | Preset: Worlds Apart Pluck (Equator2 Factory Library)
- Explore MPE sounds | Preset: Big OSCar Saw Lead (OSCar - Equator2 Soundpack)
- Refine sounds directly on the UI-panel | Preset: Steel String Guitar (Hybrid Acoustic - Equator2 Soundpack)
- Playing techniques | Preset: Strings - Slide To Brass (Orchestral Ensembles - Equator2 Soundpack)
- How to play natural vibrato | Preset: Steel String Guitar (Equator2 Factory Library) & Strings - Loud Sustain - Big (Orchestral Ensembles - Equator2 Soundpack)
- Smooth glissandos using the ribbons | Preset: Huge Osc Stack (Mighty M5 - Equator2 Soundpack)
- Create jazzy licks with Semitone-bend | Preset: Guitar Overdrive Lead (Equator Fundamentals - Equator2 Soundpack)

Discover RISE 2.

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