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Seaboard RISE 2 Order: FAQs

All you need to know about the next generation Seaboard

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— Where can I get Seaboard RISE 2?

Seaboard RISE 2 is exclusively available to order via It is only available in the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

Sign up here to be notified when it’s available in other regions.

There are currently no plans to make it available through other retailers or websites.

— When will Seaboard RISE 2 ship and how do the batches work?

Seaboard RISE 2 is now in stock (limited availability) and ships 3 business days from the point of order in most countries. If you are in Canada, please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

When your RISE 2 ships you will receive an email with tracking information, so make sure to check your spam folder.

— What’s included with Seaboard RISE 2?

Here’s everything you get when you order Seaboard RISE 2:

  1. Seaboard RISE 2
  2. Equator2
  3. ROLI Studio
  4. Ableton Live Lite
  5. ROLI Dashboard
  6. USB-A to USB-C cable
  7. 3.5mm TRS to MIDI DIN Dongle
  8. Quick Start Guide
  9. One Year Full Warranty

— Will there be a Seaboard Block 2?

Seaboard RISE 49 was our most popular and beloved model of Seaboard, so it made sense for us to focus on upgrading the RISE when we set about making the next generation. We currently have no plans to make a new version of Seaboard Block or Songmaker Kit. So if you want to make music with a new Seaboard in 2022 and beyond, you’ll need to order Seaboard RISE 2.

— Will there be a 25 keywave version of Seaboard RISE 2?

Seaboard RISE 49 was our most popular and beloved model of Seaboard, so it made sense for us to focus on upgrading the RISE when we set about making the next generation. We currently have no plans to make a 25 keywave version of Seaboard RISE 2. So if you want to make music with a new Seaboard in 2023 and beyond, you’ll need to order Seaboard RISE 2, which has a 49 keywave surface.

— Why is Seaboard RISE 2 priced higher than the original Seaboard RISE?

While Seaboard RISE 2 marks an exciting step up from the original, and comes bundled with Equator2 (worth $249 standalone), we endeavoured to release it at a similar price to the Seaboard RISE 49.

Unfortunately, raw materials, electronic components and logistics have all seen significant cost increases since we launched Seaboard RISE 6 years ago, especially in the past year. For instance, the cost of aluminum alone — the material of the Seaboard RISE 2 chassis — has more than doubled. Although we’ve worked closely with our suppliers and partners to reduce cost, we had to adjust the price of RISE 2 in light of these global factors.

However, existing ROLI creators will enjoy a discount on Seaboard RISE 2 orders for a limited time. Look out for your unique discount code via email if you already own a Seaboard, BLOCKS or ROLI software.

— How do I get in touch with a question about my Seaboard RISE 2 order?

Please visit our support page and submit a ticket if you have a question about your Seaboard RISE 2 order.

Remember to reference your order confirmation in your ticket, so we can answer your questions faster. You will receive these via email after checkout.

— Can I get a refund on my Seaboard RISE 2 order?

We’re sorry to hear you are returning your Seaboard RISE 2.

If you’re awaiting your RISE 2 shipment — or your keyboard has been delivered and you are within the 30 day return period — you qualify for a refund.

To get a refund on your order, please get in touch with our support team via a ticket here. Please reference your order confirmation number in your ticket.

Please note, you will lose access to Equator2 and ROLI Studio if you choose to refund your Seaboard RISE 2.

— I heard ROLI went into administration. Can I trust the company to deliver Seaboard RISE 2?

Yes. ROLI reformed as Luminary in 2021. This restructuring brought new investment and a renewed commitment to create and support the very best MPE instruments and software. We’re proud to say that the Seaboard RISE 2 is our most expressive and versatile MPE controller yet, and we’re excited to share it with the world!

We’re also aware that in the recent past, shipments were unfortunately delayed for some ROLI creators, both due to global factors and the unexpected challenges of manufacturing innovative instruments for the first time. That’s why our team has now put rigorous processes in place to ensure every order will arrive according to our timelines — and the necessary preparation for manufacturing, including sourcing of materials and product testing is already well under way — so you can order your Seaboard RISE 2 in full confidence.

— I heard some people have had difficult experiences with ROLI Support in the past. How have you improved your Customer Service and Support?

We always try our very best to give ROLI creators the best possible experience, but we’re regrettably aware that our support has sometimes fallen short of the high standards we would like. As such we’ve been working hard to improve ROLI support — these improvements began before the pandemic and have been affected by it as we reboot our processes to provide the excellent level of customer service you expect.

Some of the changes we’ve already implemented include new support systems (including a customer self-solve flow), new warehousing partners and a new manufacturing supply chain. These will speed up the time needed to resolve queries, deliver orders faster and satisfy demand for ROLI instruments to a high quality. All of this is already having a considerable impact, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to roll out these improvements.


— What is the difference between Seaboard RISE 2 and the original Seaboard RISE?

Seaboard RISE 2 is the next generation of the award-winning Seaboard RISE keyboard controller, re-engineered for limitless exploration of sound.

These are the most significant updates:

  • A new Keywave2 playing surface featuring a refined shape and precision frets — designed to be more intuitive and effortlessly expressive for piano and keyboard players than ever before.

  • A more powerful and versatile suite of included software, including the world's leading MPE synth Equator2 (worth $249), featuring 1400+ world-class presets. Ableton Live Lite and ROLI Studio are also included.

  • A head-turning, burnished Platinum Blue aluminum chassis, part of a premium build fine-tuned for maximum durability.

  • Expanded compatibility with other instruments and hardware with MIDI Port and USB-C.

  • A next generation version of ROLI Dashboard, featuring enhanced 5D visualizers to customize your settings to perfection.

— How does the Keywave2 surface compare to the original Seaboard RISE keywaves?

The shape of the new Keywave2 surface was perfected after years of rigorous testing and feedback from both Seaboard and piano players.

Wider keys with embossed ridges and honed edges make RISE 2 performances more nuanced, accurate and expressive than performances with any previous Seaboard. They also make Keywave2 a more intuitive playing surface for keyboard or piano players.

The Keywave2 surface retains the two horizontal ribbons above and below the keys from the original Seaboard RISE. These are the perfect surface for long slides between pitches.

— What are the 5 Dimensions of Touch (5D Touch)?

The soft, responsive Keywave2 playing surface of Seaboard RISE 2 allows performers to modulate sound through 5 natural playing gestures. These are:

  • Strike: Strike to sound a note at different velocities
  • Glide: Glide from side to side to bend pitch or create vibrato
  • Slide: Slide up and down to add brightness or texture to a sound
  • Press: Press into the Keywaves to deepen sounds or simulate the effect of breath on a wind instrument
  • Lift: Lift off at varying speeds to effect a sound's resonance

See how 5D Touch can transform your performances here.

— What is MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)?

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is the underlying technology behind Seaboard RISE 2, Equator2 and ROLI Studio. It allows electronic music makers to be more expressive in a way previously only possible with acoustic instruments.

How does MPE do this? When modulating pitch or tone with traditional MIDI, modulation is only applied to each note being played. But MPE makes it possible to modulate parameters independently across multiple notes, vastly expanding the expressive possibilities!

The original Seaboard catapulted MPE into the mainstream, and since then more and more leading music makers have adopted MPE. Learn more about MPE here.

— What are the dimensions and specifications of Seaboard RISE 2?

These are the key specifications of Seaboard RISE 2:

  • Playing surface: 4 Octaves (49 keywaves)
  • Dimensions: 83.4cm x 21cm x 2.3cm
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Ports:
    • 3.5mm TRS MIDI Output
    • Sustain / Continuous foot pedal input: 6.35mm (¼ inch) TRS input
    • USB-C port (connection and charging)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Class compliant MIDI over USB and Bluetooth

— Is Seaboard RISE 2 a MIDI controller?

Yes, Seaboard RISE 2 is a MIDI controller. It has no on-board sound engine, so you will need to connect your RISE 2 to a computer or mobile device running a compatible software program (such as Equator2) to produce sound.

— How do I get started with Seaboard RISE 2?

When your Seaboard RISE 2 arrives, head to and download ROLI Connect.

This platform will let you register your RISE 2 and download your included software. Learn how to get set up with ROLI Connect here.

Need more help? Look out for new Seaboard RISE 2 tutorials on our YouTube channel in the coming months to help you get started. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to visit our support page.

— Is Seaboard RISE 2 compatible with non-MPE hardware and software?

Yes! You can use Seaboard RISE 2 just like a traditional MIDI keyboard when connected to standard MIDI hardware and software.

Even when paired with MPE software, you can adjust your settings in your included ROLI Dashboard software to minimize each expressive parameter and make the Seaboard behave as a standard piano-keyboard.

— Will the new Seaboard RISE 2 firmware and ROLI Dashboard updates be compatible with my Seaboard RISE 25 or Seaboard RISE 49?

ROLI Dashboard v4.5 has been updated and released, with enhanced 5D visualizers so you can tweak your expressive settings to perfection. This software update is available to all Seaboard RISE creators through ROLI Connect now.

Seaboard RISE 2 firmware features improved 5D Touch interaction, including more accurate responses to Strike and Lift gestures. If you own a Seaboard RISE 25 or RISE 49, this firmware update will not be available to you, as it will fundamentally change your Seaboard experience and could disrupt your existing workflow.

— Why did you not include an onboard sound engine with Seaboard RISE 2?

The combination of Seaboard RISE 2 as a MIDI controller with Equator2 bundled free provides the perfect balance of flexibility and versatility at the lowest cost to you. With an onboard sound engine (and potentially in-built speakers), the Seaboard would cost much more to manufacture — and therefore cost more for ROLI creators to purchase. An onboard sound engine is also more cumbersome to maintain and update, in comparison to easily downloadable updates to Equator2 or ROLI Studio.


— What software and sounds are bundled with Seaboard RISE 2?

Seaboard RISE 2 comes with a selection of world-class sounds and critically-acclaimed software to bring your tracks to life. They’re all included free:

  • Equator2: A hybrid software synth with powerful sound design tools and over 1400+ MPE and standard MIDI presets. Worth $249 standalone.

  • ROLI Studio: A versatile plug-in and app with intuitive tools to produce and compose musical ideas faster. Compatible with Equator2’s preset library, it also includes over 400 sounds from the Strobe2 and Cypher2 synths. Worth $99 standalone.

  • ROLI Dashboard: An application for adjusting your MIDI settings and expressivity parameters with 5D visualizers. It is also essential for updating RISE 2 firmware.

  • Ableton Live 11 Lite: A lightweight version of Ableton’s popular DAW for recording and building your tracks featuring MPE compatibility.

You can expand your Equator2 and ROLI Studio preset library with inspiring new soundpacks in the ROLI Sound Store.

— What specifications do I need to run the software included with Seaboard RISE 2?

These are our recommended system requirements for running Seaboard RISE 2 and the included software:

System Requirements:

System: OS X 10.14 or higher / Windows 10 (x64) or higher Processing chip: Intel Core, AMD Ryzen, Apple M1 RAM: Minimum 8GB RAM, 16GB RAM is recommended

Hard Drive Free Space:

13GB of free space required for ROLI Connect, ROLI Dashboard and ROLI Studio. 13GB required for Equator2 installation. 3GB required for Ableton Live Lite installation.

Interface: USB 2.0 and above

— If I order Seaboard RISE 2, can I start making music with my bundled software right away?


If you order Seaboard RISE 2 with an email address linked to a ROLI account, tick the relevant box at checkout to automatically add your software entitlements. Your software will be ready to download and install under the ‘My Software’ tab in ROLI Connect.

If you don’t tick the box when you order Seaboard RISE 2 — or you don’t already have a ROLI account — look out for an email with your unique Equator2 and ROLI Studio serial codes. The subject line will be “ESSENTIAL: Your software serials”

Learn how to activate your serial numbers in this tutorial.

— I already have Equator2 and/or ROLI Studio. Will I receive a second licence for this software when I buy Seaboard RISE 2?

If you already have entitlements to Equator2 or ROLI Studio, you will not receive a second software serial if you purchase Seaboard RISE 2 with the email address linked to your ROLI account.

— Is Seaboard RISE 2 compatible with third-party DAWs, synths and software?

Yes. Since the launch of the first Seaboard RISE in 2015, the number of music software companies adopting MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) has grown considerably.

Leading DAWs, including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio and Cubase are now MPE and Seaboard RISE 2 compatible. As are many popular synths, including Omnisphere, Reaktor, SWAM, Serum and BT Phobos. Learn more about MPE compatible software here.

You can also use the Seaboard RISE 2 with non-MPE compatible software. It will function just like a standard MIDI controller when performing non-MPE sounds.