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Seaboard RISE 2: First Touch | Little Monarch

The producer and multi-instrumentalist shares why she's "addicted” to RISE 2

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As a long-term Seaboard fan, indie-pop producer, performer and multi-instrumentalist Little Monarch couldn’t wait to get her hands on the new Seaboard RISE 2.

She was one of the very first to play the latest and greatest MPE controller on a visit to the ROLI team in East London — and it was love at first touch! As well as taking RISE 2 and Equator2 for a musical spin, Little Monarch shared her first impressions of the refined Keywave2 playing surface.

Watch the film to hear why the new Seaboard surface is like “producer ASMR” and how the new precision frets invite better performances through tactile feedback, just like the fretboard of a guitar. The final verdict? “I can’t imagine there being a better upgrade on this piece of gear, truly.

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