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Seaboard RISE 2: Exploring Drift — Ableton LIVE 11.3’s new MPE synth

Experiment with endless new sonic possibilities with Drift and Seaboard RISE 2

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Explore new sonic possibilities with Drift and Seaboard RISE 2. In our latest video, Marcus Levy-Chance, Sound Team Content Lead at ROLI and music producer (SyntheticEpiphany), explores the exciting sound design potential with the RISE 2 and the new MPE-enabled soft-synth Drift, now available in Ableton Live 11.3.

Watch the video above to see Marcus unlock the analog magic of Drift with Seaboard RISE 2’s unique 5D playing surface to control presets, parameters and LFOs. Unleash more expression in your own music with Seaboard and Ableton.

Why is Seaboard RISE 2 the best MPE-enabled MIDI controller for Ableton Live?

Seamless Integration with Ableton Live 11

Discover infinite musical possibilities by combining the Seaboard RISE 2 with Ableton Live 11. Seamlessly navigate Live's versatile environment and take advantage of its native MPE support to unleash the full power of the Seaboard RISE 2. Effortlessly map RISE 2's expressive parameters such as pitch, velocity, and expression to Live's devices and effects, which allow you to create dynamic soundscapes in the studio or on stage. Note: Ableton Live Lite is included with any purchase of Seaboard RISE 2.

Expanding Sonic Horizons with Ableton Live 11.3's New MPE Synth

Ableton has introduced a new MPE-enabled soft-synth in Live 11.3. Available in Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite, Drift offers rich and evolving sounds that perfectly complement the expressive nature of the Seaboard RISE 2. Explore complex textures with over 50 new presets, evolving pads, and ethereal atmospheres, unlocking a new range of sonic possibilities.

Even more MPE support in Ableton Live

Earlier this year, Ableton's Live 11 update introduced MPE technology directly into the DAW, eliminating the need for any workarounds. Now, with the 11.3 update, and new Drift synth, Ableton has significantly expanded its MPE capabilities by overhauling the entire device section, making it effortless to connect your Seaboard RISE 2, LUMI Studio Edition or any MPE-compatible device. We’re excited to see (and hear!) how making MPE more accessible will allow for even more producers to harness the expressive power of MPE for their music. Learn more about MPE here.

Discover Seaboard RISE 2

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