Seaboard RISE 2: Comments from the Community

We trawled Reddit, Instagram and Youtube — so you don’t have too

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From famous keyboardists to our favourite Youtubers, from TIME magazine to MusicRadar, Seaboard RISE 2 has received positive reviews from every corner of the internet! But there’s nothing that circulates the company Slack channels faster than a new member of the ROLI community sharing their own experience with the RISE 2.

Whether it's a Youtube unboxing or performance, an Instagram studio jam or an @ we’re listening! Here’s some of the latest feedback from across our channels — don’t forget to #RISE2 so we can see and share!

Game-changing feedback

"Just wanted to say that your product, the RISE 2, is transformative. I have been using MIDI since the ‘90s and this is a game-changer for me. I had the Seaboard Block before and just got the RISE2. Just wanted to say thank you." — MASON+DIXON

“Creativity knows no limits with RISE 2. Not just a simple keyboard but endless possibilities for arrangements for your tunes thanks to MPE.” — @t.lanestudio (translated from Italian)

"While other controllers are getting a lot of press lately, I still believe the Seaboard is unmatched — as far as expressive potential (i.e. slide & glide)." — James Hall

"This is a technical marvel. And the most serious innovation in the history of the music production industry." — Shaurab Das

Let’s add some adjectives

"I’m astonished by this incredible instrument.” — @MuVara

“It’s amazing. Magical. The build quality is awesome. It’s sturdy and heavy. The surface is super sensitive. Definitely exceeded my expectations.” — @gaspiman

“Smooth as silk from top to bottom.” — @tubularmusic

“The sounds right out of the box — especially with MPE — are fantastic.” — @EmbarrisingReality78

“Playing the ROLI Seaboard is such a cool experience, and it sounds amazing. For keyboard players, playing MPE instruments give us the ability to express emotions musically in the same way that stringed instrument players have always had. So much fun!” — @colyermusic

We’re all about the expression

“I’ve never felt so free and empowered! Like I now have full emotional control of sound, a new powerful feeling. Thank you, ROLI!” — @New_Link961

"Seaboard RISE 2 is perfect - fantastic support for composing and performing.” — Giampaolo Pasquile AKA

“I've always loved doing guitar solos on my synth but always hated the limitations of the pitch bend. After seeing other videos of people shredding guitar leads on the original Seaboard, I just had to bite the bullet and order one.” — Dark Cognitive

Let’s hear it for the sounds

“I’ve worked with different DAWs for the last few years. The included synths are usually solid. The sampler I have is EXTREMELY powerful. But nothing compares to Equator 2. I have a ROLI Seaboard RISE 2 which is a fully expressive MPE keyboard that Equator 2 was designed for. It’s incredibly powerful.” — Mr. Wilson

“This is incredible, ROLI! Exactly what live players need and a huge step in bringing the hardware to a wider audience. The smaller 'Blocks' version we tried a few years ago was geared toward much more electronic and experimental sounds but RISE 2 recognises our need for simple, acoustic instruments that sound great as part of a live looping performance. We salute you.” — The Distance

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