Sam Gutman performs 'Killing Me Softly'

Using the RISE 2 in a Seaboard Quartet, Sam Gutman performs a moving rendition of the iconic 1996 hip-hop classic, and breathes new life into the melody of the timeless hit.

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Renowned for his exceptional musical talents and intricate keyboard work, Sam Gutman captivates audiences with his soulful melodies. Having toured extensively with Ms. Lauryn Hill, he has contributed his talents to the band's live performances, elevating the music with his distinctive touch.

After taking us into his world on tour in the last instalment of the 'ROLI Meets' series, Sam is back with an engrossing rendition of the iconic 1996 hip-hop classic, 'Killing Me Softly' by The Fugees, itself a rendition of Roberta Flack's powerful R&B ballad.

Watch as Sam uses the Seaboard RISE 2 in a Seaboard Quartet to channel his inimitable expression into the song and infuse the hauntingly beautiful melody with new life.

Sam Gutman performs 'Killing Me Softly'

In our previous interview, Sam remarked on how RISE 2 influenced his creativity as an artist, allowing him to achieve an intuitive and natural way to play music digitally that bridges the gap between traditional and modern instruments.

In the video, Gutman showcases the versatility of RISE 2, the groundbreaking instrument that redefines the boundaries of music expression. Sam Gutman evokes the soul-stirring quality of a string quartet through RISE 2's unique 5D touch playing surface, and the unparalleled control over sound modulation infuses his playing with emotion and depth.

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