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Salerno Sonics by PARISI: the new soundpack from virtuosic electronic duo

Now available in the NOISE Soundpack Store

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There’s an Italian word to describe brothers Marco and Jack Parisi: virtuosi.

The world’s most experienced players of ROLI instruments have set social media alight with epic performances on the Seaboard RISE and BLOCKS. Marco’s covers of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” and Prince’s “Purple Rain” have racked up millions of views. This year Marco and Jack formed the electronic duo PARISI. Their debut single — “No Refuge” — features vocals from RZA of Wu-Tang Clan.

Now PARISI’s signature sound is available in the newest soundpack for NOISE and BLOCKS. Salerno Sonics by PARISI features the fuzzy guitars, warm electronic leads and dubby drum kicks that define PARISI’s emerging sound.

Salerno Sonics takes inspiration from Marco and Jack’s home town of Salerno, in the south of Italy. Their father runs a music shop there, and theirs was a musical upbringing. The pack captures some of their earliest memories — from the sound of the family shop to the sound of a local football match.

It also channels the sound of an assortment of artists who have influenced the Parisis as they travel and perform around the world. Novo Duomo combines the atmospheric electronica of James Blake with the hard rock Hammond Organ of Deep Purple. Nino, an R&B synth lead, is inspired by sunny mornings in Los Angeles and the soulful stylings of D’Angelo.

Hear the JUSTICE-inspired guitar lead Arechi, performed by Marco on the Seaboard Block, below:

Salerno Sonics is the latest in an ever-expanding collection of soundpacks for NOISE and BLOCKS. We’ve released signature packs from renowned artists like Grimes, RZA, WondaGurl, and Steve Aoki. From Stadium Rock to Golden Age Hip Hop to Synthetic Pop Dream, there’s a stack of soundpacks to choose from in NOISE — to play either on your mobile device or on a Seaboard Block or Lightpad Block.

Preview Salerno Sonics and many other soundpacks available in NOISE below:


Add some Italian flair to your creations

Preview Salerno Sonics by PARISI and many more soundpacks from world-class artists and ROLI sound designers:

Solerno Sonics by PARISI

Marco and Jack Parisi are the world's most virtuosic performers on ROLI instruments. From the beautifully expressive PARISI Piano to the distorted Hendrix-like guitar of Arechi, their pack of contemporary pop sounds is custom-made for ROLI instruments — which they have played all over the world.

Available for download in the NOISE app now