Luminary confirms its mission for music learners and creators with new funding

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What has happened with ROLI and Luminary?

Luminary, a new music tech company setting out to revolutionize how people learn and create music, has raised funding, led by Hoxton Ventures. Luminary Ltd. is a spinout of ROLI, the music tech startup behind the award-winning Seaboard and LUMI.

Does ROLI still exist as a company?

As part of the restructure, ROLI Ltd has gone into administration. The new company, Luminary, has taken over all the IP, staff, products, brands and assets of ROLI. The ROLI and LUMI brands will continue as before, including, and their associated social media pages.

What will happen to my ROLI products?

All existing ROLI products will continue to be supported as before — including the Seaboard, BLOCKS, LUMI Keys, Equator2 and ROLI Studio. FXpansion synths Cypher2 and Strobe2 will also continue to be supported.

Your LUMI products will also continue to be supported — in fact this new investment ensures that we will continue to update LUMI and bring you more of the music, lessons, and games you love.

We will continue to honor all ROLI and LUMI products in warranty and provide support and technical assistance through the same channels on and

I’ve ordered a ROLI instrument. What happens to my order?

If you have pre-ordered a ROLI or LUMI instrument — or are still waiting for one to arrive — your order may arrive a little later than expected, but will be otherwise unaffected. If this is the case, we will be in touch via email to let you know your order status.

Can I still purchase ROLI or LUMI instruments?

Yes, ROLI and LUMI instruments and software are still available to purchase from and Any instruments you purchase will continue to be supported.

I have a LUMI app subscription. Do I need to transfer my billing and subscription details onto Luminary?

No. All your details will be carried over automatically from ROLI Ltd. to the new company.

What is the future for Luminary?

Luminary will not only focus on expanding LUMI to reach the growing community of home learners, but also plans to bring back the popular and award-winning Seaboard in 2022 (currently out of stock).

So there will be more exciting games, lessons and songs for LUMI learners, as well as continued support for producers and hobbyists who create music with innovative ROLI instruments.

Can you give me more details about Luminary?

Luminary’s mission is to help everyone to experience the joy of music learning and creation. The company was founded by Roland Lamb, inventor of the Seaboard and the former Founder and CEO of ROLI, alongside ROLI’s longtime Chief People Officer, Corey Harrower.

What was ROLI Ltd.?

ROLI Ltd. was known as a leading innovator in electronic musical instruments for professionals such as the Seaboard, Seaboard RISE, and BLOCKS — and a pioneer of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). As part of the 2021 restructure, Luminary will continue to manufacture ROLI’s professional and hobbyist instruments, with a relaunch of the iconic Seaboard, slated for 2022.

What has happened to FXpansion?

Unfortunately, as part of the ROLI Ltd. restructuring process, FXpansion will no longer be trading as a commercial entity. All sales and support of FXpansion products will transition to Luminary ROLI Ltd. through

Cypher2, Strobe2 and associated soundpacks will now be available to purchase solely via Unfortunately, it has not been possible to transition Geist2 to, but existing Geist2 customers will continue to be supported by our team

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