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ROLI Meets Jason Turk: The performances

By popular demand, we showcase "Pressed for Time" by No Name Trio and Jason's cover of "Marbhna Luimní" on Seaboard RISE 2

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Today, we are thrilled to bring you two extraordinary performances from Cork-based multi-instrumentalist, Jason Turk. Following the community feedback from our first film in the 'ROLI Meets' series, we couldn't wait to share these captivating songs that put Seaboard RISE 2 at the center of fusing Irish traditional music and cutting-edge sounds.

Step into the rhythmic universe of "Pressed for Time," an original composition by No Name Trio. Alongside Karl Nesbitt on the Bodhrán and Conor O'Sullivan on Guitar, Jason utilizes the Seaboard RISE 2 to add an emotive layer of expression and depth to this traditional Irish piece.

One of Jason’s favorite capabilities of Seaboard RISE 2 is the lap-based playing position that seamlessly integrates him with fellow musicians during sessions, enabling a harmonious flow of melodies. Witness how Jason's expressive playing and the Seaboard RISE 2's versatility unite to create an unforgettable performance.

Experience this soul-stirring solo performance of the traditional Irish session song "Marbhna Luimní (Limerick’s Lamentation)", beautifully interpreted by Jason on the Seaboard RISE 2. Transport yourself to the heart of Cork as Jason takes you on an emotional journey through this cherished piece of Irish heritage, originally performed on the fiddle or Celtic harp.

In our interview, Jason shared how the Seaboard RISE 2 empowers him to control multiple parameters of each note individually, infusing the piece with his signature touch of innovation. Watch in awe as he introduces captivating techniques like vibrato and glissando, reminiscent of classic Irish instruments such as the violin.

By incorporating Seaboard RISE 2 to his performances, Jason is pushing the limits of what's possible while preserving the essence of Irish music. Witnessing this fusion of tradition and innovation, we are reminded of the boundless possibilities that await in the world of music.

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