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RISE 2 Reviews: What are owners saying about their Seaboards?

See why owners are giving their Seaboards ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The majority of creators that preordered RISE 2 have now received them, with the last batches shipping by the end of March. The reviews of their initial experiences are rolling in and they have stars in their eyes, five stars to be exact!

Atanas is involving the whole family: "it's my first keyboard and together with my daughter we immensely enjoy learning to play" which is evidence of how the new precision frets are helping new users find their way with Seaboard quicker.

Marc was so excited to try out his RISE 2 that he hooked it up while on the clock. "I should have been working (home office) but, couldn’t wait and hooked it up to my music workstation. WOW!!" He adds a good tip for new users too: "It’s very important to first install and open ROLI Dashboard. This way you can first adjust the Seaboard to fit your way of playing. It may also be a good idea to turn off the glide in the beginning to get used to the Seaboard surface."

Jeff S recommends RISE 2 for a variety of uses: "playing with RISE and Equator2 is a dream for sound design, soundtrack and ambient" music. This view is shared by Arnaldo who says: "the best mode to play (and create) fantastic cinematic soundtracks..!"

Whatever you use your Seaboard for Eduardo says "it opens a new world of sound possibilities".

Jonathan K says the integration of Equator2 and RISE 2 is so good that he "became one with the machine and computer" in what could only be described as a very special moment.

Damien L is so enamoured with his new Seaboard that he has picked it as his "favorite new instrument".

With delivery windows now shorter than ever, why not try RISE 2 and be the star of your next production. You have 30 days after receiving it to try it out or return it for a hassle free refund.

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