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Tokyo gets creative with Pharrell

ROLI's Chief Creative Officer discusses the creative process with Roland Lamb at Apple Ginza

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Pharrell Williams arrived at Apple Ginza in Tokyo on January 16 for a Music Lab, part of the Today at Apple program.

“If you can see something in your mind, then it’s possible to bring it to fruition. It’s just a personal decision about whether you want something to exist — whether you want to see something go from ethereal to tangible.”

That was advice of Pharrell Williams, the singer-producer who is ROLI’s Chief Creative Officer, to a crowd of creators at the Apple Store Ginza this week.

World-famous songs, sneakers, and blue jeans are a few of things that Pharrell has created in a modern-day Renaissance life. Now he’s helping to design ROLI’s next generation instruments, taking them from an ethereal dream to a tangible product — just like Roland Lamb did with the original Seaboard when he built it in a dorm room many years ago.

Pharrell and Roland, our founder, were discussing the whole concept of creativity in front of a 100-person crowd in Tokyo. All of us are creative, whether we make art for a living or make up tunes in the shower. How has technology made it easier — and harder, in some cases — to express our creative impulses?

“You could hear a pin drop,” said one person as they listened to these two inventors talk about the power of putting pen to paper, putting hands on a keyboard or on a camera, and simply making something.

You’ll be hearing again from Pharrell and Roland — and seeing what they create together.

Apple Store Ginza
Pharrell and Roland Lamb, ROLI CEO, discussed the question: “Why Create?”.
Apple Store Ginza
The London-based electronic duo PARISI closed the talk with a performance on Seaboard RISE and BLOCKS.