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Watch PARISI’s spectacular Lightpad Block cover of "Billie Jean"

Brothers Marco and Jack Parisi recreate Michael Jackson’s classic hit

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Electronic duo PARISI are true virtuosic players of ROLI instruments, whose performances have amazed and astounded audiences all over the world — and their latest rendition of Michael Jackson's iconic pop hit "Billie Jean" is no exception.

Watch the film to see Marco and Jack’s fingers moonwalk all over the surfaces of Lightpad Blocks in this funky reimagining of Michael Jackson’s classic. It’s sure to have you dancing on the floor, in the round!

PARISI's performance features the Lightpad M, ‘a supremely powerful and unique way to perform with your hands‘ according to Ask.Audio. Get your own hands on this incredible musical touchpad on

Don't forget to download Salerno Sonics by PARISI, the NOISE soundpack which channels the signature sounds of the two brothers. And make sure to watch Marco's covers of Jimi Hendrix' "Little Wing" and Prince's "Purple Rain", which have already racked up over a million views online.